Consider Your Critical Assets Protected

Our cloud-built PAM solution secures privileged access and protects critical assets across your entire infrastructure. Whether on-premises or in the cloud – and for every application – we’ve got you covered.

An Innovative Approach to
Privileged Access Management

Category-defining architecture with no on-prem footprint
Zero trust design with just-in-time access and zero-standing privileges
Identity-driven access with integrated risk and governance
Multi-cloud & full-stack infrastructure support
Simple PAM workflows and fast app onboarding
Privileged session management for any app and workload
Bi-directional risk data exchange with third-party security solutions
Visibility into granular privileges across cloud infrastructure entitlements (CIEM)


Automagically Simplify Management and Monitoring

Manage and monitor the use of privileged access across your organization

Key capabilities:

Password Vault

Use multi-purpose vault that stores credentials, keys, and tokens while providing governance – optionally bring your own vault

Simplified Onboarding

Bring in on-prem and SaaS applications via wizard that includes real-time account, workload, and entitlement discovery

Over-the-Shoulder Monitoring

Monitor privileged sessions with active session termination capabilities

Additional capabilities:

  • Password Rotation
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Command Filtering
  • Session Recording with Zero Footprint
  • Keystroke Logging

Manage Privileged Accounts Like a Boss

Use converged PAM+IGA to manage user and service accounts across any platform and application

Key capabilities:

Identity-Based Access

Streamline privileged access management for any identity or application

Converged PAM+IGA

Make smarter decisions with governance-driven risk insights and AI-informed privileged access data

FedRAMP certified

Secure application data with no system vulnerability and continuity of access

Additional capabilities:

  • Support for industry leading cloud service providers
  • Support for on-prem resources and web applications
  • Service Account Management
  • Support for databases (Postgres, MSSQL, & Oracle)

Take Fewer Risks.
Gain More Visibility.

Gain security confidence and reduce risk with better visibility and control over privileged access

Key capabilities:

Risk Visibility & Management

Present risk-aware information and drive better decisions

Risk-based Access Certifications

Validate system access rights based on risk scoring

Preventative Controls & Session Termination

Control and terminate risky or unauthorized sessions

Additional capabilities:

  • Actionable Analytics and Risk Insights
  • Non-Repudiation

Become a Smooth Operator

Simplify deployment, lower TCO, and achieve rapid ROI with no on-prem infrastructure and an efficient user experience

Key capabilities:

Open API

Use simple product configurations with a modern user interface

Drag & Drop Workflow

Quickly build complex workflows with a drag-and-drop experience

Configurable Data Dashboards

Easily understand pending requests and other activity

Additional capabilities:

  • Auditing & Reporting
  • Single Window Admin
  • Low-to-no code

Zero in on Zero Trust

Adopt Zero-Trust principles for any identity and app

Key capabilities:

Just-in-time Access

Grant users elevated privileges for a limited time

Zero-Standing Privilege

Automate and scale enforcement of least privilege policies including privilege entitlement clipping and outlier analysis

Credential-less Access

Hide passwords automatically from users and rotate after use

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