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You can’t buy Zero Trust. Build it, with Saviynt.


Moving to Zero Trust requires adopting identity as your security perimeter.


Saviynt offers a complete and flexible identity platform to enforce least privilege and enable access anywhere, at just the right time.

Ready to make Zero Trust
the foundation of your security?

Embrace an intelligent identity perimeter

Mature beyond VPNs, and the idea of “inside” and “outside” boundaries via identity and context-aware policies

Simplify dynamic access management

Use a risk-based approach with automation to enforce the principle of least privilege

Introduce just-in-time privilege elevation and time-bound access

Use pre-built access roles to provide precision access that expires automatically – for all human or machine identities

Enhance zero trust with shared risk insights and intelligence

Integrate easily with varied endpoint security, network security, identity-based micro-segmentation, and other zero trust architecture tools

Support multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure

Maintain agility and administer access across multiple platforms, vendors, and deployment models

Prevent data breaches with real-time analytics

Always know who (or what) accesses your assets and automatically respond to unusual behaviors or control violations

Embrace Zero Trust Identity

Reduce your attack surface and ensure compliance, business continuity, and enterprise resilience with Saviynt’s Zero Trust toolkit.

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Microsoft calls identity the “front door to Zero Trust.”

Learn how Saviynt and Zero Trust principles guide the company’s product and governance roadmap

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