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One Identity Platform to Maximize M&A and Divestitures

Effortless Identity To Fight Deal Complexity.

Deliver ‘Day 1’ Access& Better ROI

Easily define roles and associated access across users, locations, and job functions at scale. Quickly onboard and secure access for new users, while shutting off access for others.

Accelerate DivestiturePre-Planning

Establish a holistic view of all users to pre-plan access rights for those being spun off, those staying, or those no longer needing access. Prove appropriate access levels and timing with automated audit recording.

Eliminate IdentityDuplication

Effortlessly merge identities from different sources into an authoritative identity warehouse. Reduce unneeded access, over-licensing, and avoid unnecessary birthright provisioning.

Prevent ExcessiveApplication Risks

Automatically track and flag excessive permissions, while taking remedial action – ensure all new and existing users have “just enough” application access for required tasks.

Mitigate M&A Security Events

Aggregate the full entitlement information from all human and machine identities. Eliminate siloed access issues, identify SoD risks, and remove toxic access combinations.

Consolidate & SecureThird-Party Access

Quickly onboard, provision, monitor, audit, and remove time-bound relationships.
Reduce third-party access governance workloads and concerns with sponsorship and simplified delegated administration.

Case Studies

The world’s largest organizations trust Saviynt to protect their privileged accounts from cybercriminals and data breaches


Boosting M&A Onboarding Agility
Explore the ways Saviynt’s capabilities helped Western Digital manage access and risk through frenzied M&A activity.

Streamlining Provisioning after Acquisition
Learn how Saviynt helped Lotus’s unleash cloud-built IGA – and onboard 300 applications and over 60,000 users in just weeks.

Merger & Acquisition Identity Management FAQs

How can Saviynt help us expedite and secure user onboarding at deal close?

Saviynt’s IGA platform ensures that users retain (or receive) seamless access to necessary resources on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Configure and manage your IGA program using an extensive set of pre-built templates, robust control library, and an intuitive wizard to reduce application onboarding times while supporting cybersecurity frameworks.

Can Saviynt help reduce cumbersome risk data management efforts across varied, new tools?

Saviynt ingests and exchanges risk data across GRC and risk platforms, including XDR, SSE, and vulnerability management tools to unify and examine risk across identities, their access and activity. This enhances access decisions and helps leaders detect new risks concerning data assets, applications, servers, and shadow IT.

Will Saviynt improve access visibility across new and existing systems after my sale, merger, or acquisition?

We built Saviynt to provide granular visibility for robust privileged access, application access, and data access governance across varied architectures and systems. We help you understand access through the entire ecosystem and can provide auditors and risk and compliance managers what they need to prove identity governance and least privilege access control.

Will I overly-rely on third-parties, service integrators, or other vendors after M&A activity?

Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud manages the entire identity perimeter and is designed for rapid deployment. Configure without code, and use robust integrations, templates, and control libraries. Our open platform easily connects to your entire IT ecosystem – feel free to bring our identity workflows, connectors, and forms too. Plus, we automatically sync activity & access logs with other access and cybersecurity tools.

How will Saviynt protect me from providing unnecessary privileges as I transition or integrate users?

We use the term “future proof” to describe our PAM solution. Our agentless, zero-touch architecture helps enterprises secure privileged access capabilities in days. Achieve zero-standing privileges with just-in-time (JIT) and credential-less PAM. By unifying PAM and IGA, we reduce access and user experience issues related to siloed, point solutions.

What features support continuous risk monitoring?

Saviynt’s peer- and usage-based intelligent analytics dynamically and continuously evaluate peer groups and activity to determine risk. Our platform surfaces these risks and control violations through a control center that guides rapid remediation.

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