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Focus on business priorities and cloud adoption, not complex IGA platform implementation, customization, and administration. Mitigate risk, control access, govern identities, and secure assets, quickly, intuitively and confidently.

Build a Zero Trust Foundation

Introduce just-in-time privilege elevation and time-bound access. Use pre-built access roles to provide precise access that expires automatically.

Automate Provisioning

Intelligently manage identity processes, including access with configurable policies and controls. Automatically grant low-risk access to users while escalating higher-risk requests for review.

Simplify Security Controls

Monitor access and usage for control violations, including those granted during emergency elevation or through a backdoor. Potential violations generate alerts and remediation suggestions.

Control Risk Across Multiple Applications

Gain deep visibility of fine-grained entitlements across your entire application ecosystem. Better define cross-application separation-of-duty (SoD) controls.

Provide Precise Access

Identify complex security hierarchies and view any identity’s entitlements – then apply least privilege access across your application ecosystem.

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Case Studies

Modernizing Identity Governance & Accelerating Compliance Maturity

Learn how Gordon Food Service improved identity management capabilities for over 18,000 users across nearly 300 applications and 21 connected systems in a diverse hybrid computing environment.

Centralizing Identity Control With A Move To Modern IGA

Learn how Weienerberger achieved comprehensive identity access and management for 17,000 employees – and replaced overlapping systems with a single integrated approach.

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Modernizing IGA FAQs

How does Saviynt help me shift to cloud-first identity governance?

Saviynt’s platform integrates with hybrid ecosystems bringing governance to all identity types. This means seamless migration to SaaS applications or management of new cloud identities. Saviynt’s Risk Exchange provides visibility across IT environments for a multidimensional risk profile of all user access.

Can Saviynt help reduce manual oversight fatigue?

Saviynt’s configure-not-code workflows embed enterprises’ risk tolerance into request, approval, and governance – reducing IT review fatigue. Saviynt’s intelligent access request automatically approves low-risk and escalates high-risk requests to improve security and reduce oversight.

How does Saviynt mitigate cross-application risk?

Saviynt gathers access permissions from across your ecosystem, then correlates data inside the Saviynt Identity Warehouse. With fine-grained entitlements, we provide visibility to secure disparate applications, alert organizations to SoD violations, and suggest risk mitigation actions.

Does Saviynt support automated app onboarding?

Our platform features an intuitive, wizard-based onboarding interface for easy application integration. An RPA-style Identity Bot (iBot) connects disparate apps and automates user access – even without an integration protocol. iBot supports onboarding and management of web, CLI-based, and thick client-server applications to reduce manual work and improve governance.

How do access controls improve my compliance?

Saviynt Exchange provides an out-of-the-box control repository and a Unified Controls Framework cross-mapped to essential regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types, (including CIS, NIST CSF, etc.). Risk-aware certifications surface compliance issues, suggest remediation, and support exception documentation.

What role does integration play in enabling visibility?

Saviynt integrates with key security solutions, including ZTNA, XDR, SIEM and UEBA platforms, to enhance risk monitoring, add context, increase activity visibility, and add real-time remediation. The platform reduces time and staffing burdens that make compliance difficult.

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