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Manage Evolving IoT, OT, and DevOps Complexity.​

Apply Zero Trust principles to govern machine identities including APIs, RPAs, and containers.


Gain a single view of all machine identities, including cryptographic keys, x509 certificates and other credentials from IoT devices, VMs, containers, and bots. Understand where keys/certificates are, what access they have, who they belong to, what policies they comply with, and when they expire.


Properly govern and manage the machine identity lifecycle – assign ownership and enforce renewal and verification policies. Apply access controls to simplify compliance and reporting. Understand whether IDs comply with corporate policies, need renewing, or should exist at all. 


Move beyond common tools like gateways, encryption, or key management to an identity-centric approach. Disable, deactivate, or provision machine identities under a Just-In-Time access framework.


Reduce manual compliance tasks across machine identities. Apply automation for elevated access requests, issuance, renewal, and revocation. Handle cloud identity velocity and volume with peer analytics and fine-grained entitlements.

“Organizations that fail to recognize the rise of machine identities and the associated security implications face significant risk.”

Yash Prakash, CSO at Saviynt

Treat Machines Like Privileged Users

Extend risk-based access policies and fine-grained access entitlements to machine identities. Set just-in-time access privileges or deactivate them when not in use.

Assign Ownership & Succession

Align human owners to machine identities and set succession policies to mitigate identity risks. Extend governance over who controls machine identities and prevent unchecked access risks.

Ensure Governance for Machine Identities

For machine identities with privileges stored in a vault, govern those accounts and who can access them.

Streamline Machine Identity Management Lifecycles

Continuously review access and monitor privileged activity to ensure the principle of least privilege. Simply extend governance to all silicon-based identities.

Identify Rogue Machine Identities

Monitor the activity of every IoT and OT identity – with the same simplicity as human identities. Surface risks and follow intelligent remediation actions, such as disabling or deactivating the identity.

Maintain Continuous Machine Identity Compliance

Deploy an out-of-the-box control repository for machine identities that cross-maps security controls across regulations, industry standards, platforms, and compliance frameworks.

Machine Identity Management FAQs

Can Saviynt scale to meet the demands of IoT & DevOps identities in the cloud?

Our cloud-native platform auto scales components and architecture to meet the increasing demand for establishing and enforcing access management over any number of objects, human and silicon.

How does Saviynt help me handle new, unknown machine risks?

We realize point-in-time compliance no longer means you’re secure. Saviynt’s platform applies an ‘identity centric’ approach and, for example, creates time-bound account elevation requests that are automatically approved every time an API makes a call. Monitoring these behaviors is part of ongoing control.

What role can analytics and insight play in managing machine identities?

Saviynt’s analytics allow you to track controls and risk. With peer-to-peer analysis, we can compare whether one machine identity looks like the other machine identities in a category. If our analytics detect an outlier, they alert an IT administrator to the risky access so that they can review and appropriately govern.

Are your workflow controls extensible to machine identities too?

Our built-in control repository (with 200+ controls) helps meet compliance mandates, including separation of duty requirements for machine identities without access to production or development environments. Saviynt cross-maps these to regulatory compliance standards such as PCI DSS, SOX and HIPAA.

What does the machine identity lifecycle management experience look like?

Our platform streamlines the onboarding process and manages machine identity access using fine-grained entitlements. Users can also create time-based privilege elevation to limit the scope and time for the machine identity’s access.

Where can automation reduce my operational and compliance risks?

Multiple locations for managing risk, divergent identity definitions, and lack of non-human identity definitions multiply governance risks. We use automation to create an authoritative source for identity that continuously monitors your infrastructure – reducing time-consuming and error-prone administrative tasks.

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