Continuous Compliance Without Complexity or Compromise

Audit and compliance requirements constantly shift – Enjoy a platform that keeps up.

Minimize risk, reduce fraud, and eliminate toxic access combinations.

Sustain Compliance Readiness

Standardize UserAccess

Unlock visibility across every user, compiling existing accounts and entitlements. Grant users precise access and enforce least privilege access controls. 

Simplify SecurityControls

Monitor access and usage for control violations, including those granted during emergency elevation or through a backdoor. Potential violations generate alerts and remediation suggestions. 

Reduce Risk Across MultipleApplications

Gain deep visibility of fine-grained entitlements across your entire application ecosystem. Define better cross-application separation-of-duty (SoD) controls. 

Assist Compliance ProgramMaturity

Accelerate compliance program maturity with an out-of-the-box control repository that cross-maps security controls across regulations, industry standards, and compliance frameworks.

Improve GRC & Business Process Efficiency

Built-in analytics to consume usage data and analyze risk across enterprise applications and technology platforms.

Automate AccessProvisioning

Manage identity processes with configurable policies and controls intelligently. Automatically grant low-risk access to users while escalating higher-risk requests for review.

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4 Easy Steps to Continuous Compliance


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Continuous Compliance FAQs

How can Saviynt advance my compliance program maturity?

Saviynt provides an out-of-the-box control repository and a Unified Controls Framework cross-mapped to essential regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types, (including CIS, NIST CSF, etc.)

How does Saviynt mitigate cross-application risk?

Our platform gathers access permissions from across your ecosystem, then correlates data inside the Saviynt Identity Warehouse. With fine-grained entitlements, we provide visibility to secure disparate applications, alert organizations to SoD violations, and suggest risk mitigation actions.

Can Saviynt help reduce cumbersome documentation efforts?

Saviynt’s continuous reporting capabilities simplify the manual (and possibly error-prone) process of proving continuous governance. For example, risk-aware certifications surface compliance issues, suggest remediation, and support exception documentation.

Will Saviynt improve overall access visibility?

Effective compliance begins with comprehensive visibility. We built Saviynt to provide granular visibility for robust privileged accessapplication access, and data access governance. Ensure that you understand access through the entire ecosystem and can provide auditors and risk and compliance managers what they need to prove identity governance and least privilege access control.

What role does integration play in supporting compliance?

Saviynt integrates with GRC, ZTNA, SIEM, and platforms to enhance risk monitoring, add context, increase activity visibility, and recommend real-time remediation. The Enterprise Identity Cloud platform reduces time and staffing burdens that make compliance difficult.

What automation does Saviynt support to manage risk?

Saviynt’s access analytics detect activity that could potentially lead to fraud or breach. Automatically flag risky behavior and leverage powerful techniques such as quarantine, access lockdown, or security team alerts to address suspicious activity.

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