Application Access Governance Features

Reduce Access Risks with Cross-Application Control

Saviynt Application Access Governance (AAG) provides fine-grained visibility across your application ecosystem and out-of-the-box controls to manage access & internal fraud risks.

Cloud Innovation Meets Application Governance

Centralize fine-grained entitlement management across applications

Automate lifecycle tasks make cross-application provisioning easier and more efficient

Connect security roles to security tasks automatically with out-of-the-box rulesets

Centralize SoD violations visibility across disparate application security models

Discover risky entitlement configurations with proactive environment scans

Take action with prioritized, real-time risk dashboards for investigations

Manage & remediate app risk with the Risk Workbench

Accelerate implementation & adoption with a modern user experience


Stop SoD Violations in Their Tracks

Significantly reduce internal fraud risk and SoD violations to meet continuous compliance

Key capabilities:

Cross-Application SoD

View risk analysis with real versus potential risks

Out-of-the-Box SoD Rulesets

Enable rulesets aligned to industry compliance frameworks

Additional capabilities:

  • Automatic persistent controls monitoring
  • Visibility into actual SoD and key control violators

Get Proactive with Intelligent Requests and Preventative Risk Analysis

Identify risks before they become problems

Key capabilities:

Access From Anywhere

Initiate access requests via ServiceNow, the Saviynt mobile app, or a web browser for frictionless access

Access Risk Visibility

Assess access requests to identify anything anomalous or risky SoD and policy violations

Continuous Entitlements Monitoring

Compare peer group analytics to identify outliers

Additional capabilities:

  • Risk-based access reviews
  • Auto-approval & provisioning of low-risk entitlements

Provide the Right Access at the Right Time

Provide appropriate access to the right people every time with emergency management

Key capabilities:

Just-in-Time Access

Grant users elevated privileges for a limited time

Session Management and Monitoring

Provision, record, and de-provision privileged sessions

Time-Bound Access

Automatically remove access to avoid orphan identities

Additional capabilities:

  • Documentation to support audit preparation
  • Analytics support proactive session monitoring
  • Actionable controls to accept or deny non-compliant commands

Control Monitoring That Never Sleeps

Gain security confidence with control over compliance

Key capabilities:

Real-time Violation Checks

Quickly isolate and remediate potential violations

Out-of-the-Box Controls Library

Save time with compliance controls aligned with industry standards and regulations

Usage Analytics

Manage identity, security, and compliance controls

Additional capabilities:

  • Mitigating controls to correct violations
  • Evidence reporting to prove compliance status

Role Engineering Made Easy

Develop application access for each role automatically

Key capabilities:

Dynamic Privilege Design & Creation

Use rules and attributes to dynamically assign access

Automated Role Provisioning

Group entitlements to roles to improve provisioning efficiency

Current Application Roles Discovery

Simplify role definition with real-time usage data

Additional capabilities:

  • Visibility to whether entitlements within roles are being used
  • Recommendations to help improve, delete or consolidate roles to limit sprawl
  • Role management and what-if analysis

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