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Reduce Access Risks with Cross-Application Control

Saviynt Application Access Governance (AAG) provides fine-grained visibility across your application ecosystem and out-of-the-box controls to manage access & internal fraud risks.

Cloud Innovation Meets Application Governance


Centralize fine-grained entitlement management across applications


Automate access lifecycle tasks to make cross-application provisioning easier and more efficient


Connect security roles to security tasks automatically with out-of-the-box rulesets


Centralize Separation of Duties (SoD) violations visibility across disparate application security models


Discover risky entitlement configurations with proactive environment scans


Take action with prioritized, real-time risk dashboards for investigations


Manage & remediate app risk with the Risk Workbench


Accelerate implementation & adoption with a modern user experience


Stop SoD Violations in Their Tracks

Significantly reduce internal fraud risk and SoD violations to meet continuous compliance


Key Capabilities

  • Cross-Application SoD - View risk analysis with real versus potential risks
  • Out-of-the-Box SoD Rulesets - Enable rulesets aligned to industry compliance frameworks
Additional Capabilities
  • Automatic persistent controls monitoring
  • Visibility into actual SoD and key control violators

Get Proactive with Intelligent Requests and Preventative Risk Analysis 

Identify risks before they become problems

Key Capabilities

  • Access From Anywhere - Initiate access requests via ServiceNow, the Saviynt mobile app, or a web browser for frictionless access
  • Access Risk Visibility - Assess access requests to identify anything anomalous or risky SoD and policy violations
  • Continuous Entitlements Monitoring - Compare peer group analytics to identify outliers
Additional Capabilities
  • Risk-based access reviews 
  • Auto-approval & provisioning of low-risk entitlements

Provide the Right Access at the Right Time

Provide appropriate access to the right people every time with emergency management


Key Capabilities

  • Just-in-Time Access - Grant users elevated privileges for a limited time
  • Session Management and Monitoring - Provision, record, and de-provision privileged sessions
  • Time-Bound Access - Automatically remove access to avoid orphan identities
Additional Capabilities
  • Documentation to support audit preparation
  • Analytics support proactive session monitoring 
  • Actionable controls to accept or deny non-compliant commands

Control Monitoring That Never Sleeps

Gain security confidence with control over compliance

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time Violation Checks - Quickly isolate and remediate potential violations
  • Out-of-the-Box Controls Library - Save time with compliance controls aligned with industry standards and regulations
  • Usage Analytics - Manage identity, security, and compliance controls

Additional Capabilities

  • Mitigating controls to correct violations
  • Evidence reporting to prove compliance status

Role Engineering Made Easy

Develop application access for each role automatically


Key Capabilities

  • Dynamic Privilege Design & Creation - Use rules and attributes to dynamically assign access
  • Automated Role Provisioning - Group entitlements to roles to improve provisioning efficiency
  • Current Application Roles Discovery- Simplify role definition with real-time usage data

Additional Capabilities

  • Visibility to whether entitlements within roles are being used
  • Recommendations to help improve, delete or consolidate roles to limit sprawl 
  • Role management and what-if analysis

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