Saviynt for Anywhere Workforce

An Integrated Approach to Identity Governance and Cloud Security

IT organizations often struggle with weighing the benefits of remote work. Securing and managing data available to remote workers and non-employee or guests is challenging. These resources include contractors and vendors that provide services from remote locations but still require access to internal resources.

Saviynt’s Identity 3.0 enables organizations to oversee a variety of cloud and on-premise applications no matter where their users may need access. Identity 3.0 gives a depth of visibility into access and utilization of privileged assets but also utilizes risk-based analytics and machine learning to ensure the right access is granted to the right identities at the right time.

As a cloud-native application, Saviynt directly interfaces with external collaboration tools as well as your critical EHR and ERP solutions. Integration helps ensure continual compliance through the consistent implementation of security and governance rules customized for your organization.

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