Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) Architecture

Superior Security and Performance Through SaaS

When it comes to protecting customer data, security is paramount. That’s why Saviynt EIC is built on a cluster-based, multi-tenant architecture. You get the advantages of multi-tenancy, but with full data, network, and service isolation, along with automatic updates to the latest release.

Saviynt's distinctive architecture blends the best of single and multi-tenant deployments to provide greater flexibility and increased security built on the following tenets:

Security – Complete data, network, and service isolation helps prevent any risk of compromise while still allowing access to data 24×7. Our architecture lets you bring-your-own (BYO) keys and vaults with you for further encryption and more.

Reliability – High availability and dynamic scaling meet demands while providing a frictionless experience for internal, third-party, and machine identities. Data isolation and fully automated backups ensure resources are always available.

Supportability – Automated operations and updates provide continuous improvement and rapid delivery of new features and capabilities without sacrificing platform stability. A mature SaaS operational continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipeline eliminates the need for forklift upgrades.

Sovereignty – With 25+ sites around the globe, Saviynt EIC ensures data and backups meet corporate, local, and regional requirements.

With a focus on these characteristics, Saviynt provides customers with a robust, flexible, and secure platform on which to enable powerful identity security programs.

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