OT and IIoT Identity Security

Securing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and IT provides the opportunity to enhance business decisions dramatically. However, it also substantially increases the attack surface — and the number of identities organizations need to protect. While newer OT devices are designed to run on the same protocols that IT devices use, most still cannot interact with common IT security products and controls, leaving organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. And while most only think about PLCs, DCS, and SCADA when they think of OT, OT can also be seen as any technology that is non-Windows or Linux.

Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) gives organizations visibility and control over all human and machine identities, including OT and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Combining identity governance and administration (IGA), privileged access management (PAM), application access and governance (AAG), third-party access governance (TPAG) and data access governance (DAG) in a cloud-architected platform that increases efficiency and security while decreasing costs.

Saviynt EIC allows you to:

  • Utilize Single-Tenant Deployment for Isolation 
  • Easily Extend Governance
  • Simplify Deployment and Management
  • Expedite Certifications
  • Reduce Risk With Advanced Analytics

Get visibility and control over all your identities with Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud.

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