Duplicate Identity Management with Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud

Create a Single Authoritative Identity Record and Prevent New Duplicates.

The number of identities security teams need to manage continues to grow as organizations embrace the cloud, increase their use of third parties and contractors and adopt new technologies such as IoT and IIoT.

To manage these identities, organizations need better visibility and insights into which identities have access to what and the activity associated with that access. Existing disparate authoritative sources of data and processes complicate an already complicated task, increasing the threat landscape.

With Saviynt Duplicate Identity Management, organizations can automatically recognize possible duplicate identities and escalate them for review, or automatically merge them based on criteria contained within the records. It detects duplicates across complicated and hybrid multi-cloud environments, presenting a clear view of an organization’s risk landscape and preventing situations that may entice fraud or other malicious activity.

Saviynt Duplicate Identity Management allows you to:

  • Manage a clean identity warehouse
  • Reduce the attack surface
  • Maintain compliance
  • Effectively manage merger, acquisition, divestiture-related identities
  • Prevent SoD violations

Learn how Saviynt helps you manage duplicate identities.

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