Accelerated Application Onboarding

A streamlined system for faster intake and improved 
usability at any scale.

With the volume of new applications on a steady incline among enterprise organizations, legacy onboarding and lifecycle management systems are straining to deliver. Tedious, manual practices limit speed and scalability, and open the door for errors. To meet the demands of digital transformation for the Zero Trust era, a cloud-first model has entered the market.

Saviynt Application Onboarding is a core feature of Enterprise Identity Cloud that simplifies and accelerates the way organizations adopt apps.

Through built-in automation and intuitive walkthrough tools, organizations can reduce onboarding times by up to 90%. Three distinct modes — rapid, assisted, and advanced — offer a range of settings suited to each stage in the lifecycle, eliminating the need to wait for pending information. And the low/no-code experience makes it easier to get started anytime.

Discover the undeniable value of Application Onboarding in this Saviynt solution guide.

A faster, simpler approach to applications

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