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Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solutions

Eradicate standing privilege and establish governance from day one

Protect Your Organization On-Prem and in the Cloud

Privileged access is a primary attack vector—and the attack surface keeps expanding. This complexity makes it harder to monitor for privileged access risks.

An Agile Alternative to Infrastructure-Based PAM

Saviynt’s cloud privileged access management solution is delivered via an agentless, zero-touch cloud architecture for quick, secure deployment. With privileged access management, achieve zero-standing privileges with just-in-time (JIT) access and intelligent risk insights.


All The Access Users Need,
Right When They Need It.

Move off legacy identity management infrastructure and conquer cloud complexity with
just-in-time identity-driven PAM

Break Down Silos

View and manage risk across clouds, SaaS, DevOps, infrastructure, and applications to reduce the attack surface.


Automate Privileged Access

Streamline least privilege access enforcement and enable policy-based lifecycle management.


Converge PAM & IGA Onto One Platform

Obtain a unified control plane for all your assets & identities, regardless of the underlying technology


Provide Just-in-Time Access

Provision least-privilege time-bound access, or provide temporary role-based access elevation.


Gain a Cloud Advantage

Increase agility, and accelerate business transformation with cloud-native PAM.


Deploy Quickly

Rapidly deploy Saviynt in days across the most complex use cases without breaking the bank.

Power and Protect Your Business With Saviynt Identity-Driven PAM

CPAM Product Privileged Access Request

Secure Every Identity With Zero Trust

Adopt Zero-Trust principles for any identity and app with fine-grained privileged access management across your application ecosystem

  • Reduce credential leak with time-bound privileged sessions
  • Minimize risk exposure by implementing least privileged access with zero standing accounts and privileges
  • Perform entitlement metadata certification to improve business operations and ensure continuous compliance

Certify Least Privilege Access With Built-in Governance

PAM & IGA are better together

  • Manage standard and privileged access with a consistent user experience
  • Integrate with HRIS and other identity sources for automated succession management and Joiner-Mover-Leaver processes
  • Improve security insights by exchanging risk data with third-party solutions, such as SIEM, UEBA, and vulnerability scanning tools
  • Exchange risk data with SIEM solutions to add context to investigations, make access decisions, and prevent privilege abuse
  • View and manage any identity’s privileged access for any application
Collaborate Securely with Employee Verification

Collaborate Securely With External Users

Outside partners, suppliers, and contractors often require elevated access to critical systems and data. Establish more trust and control with:

  • Secure, seamless onboarding
  • Defined roles and entitlements
  • Time-bound role elevation
  • Session monitoring with intelligent notification

Secure Multi-Cloud Workloads and Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Secure your multi-cloud footprint with real-time insights including

  • Continuous monitoring for misconfigurations and identity risks
  • Built-in cloud infrastructure entitlements management to identify excessive & unused access
  • Improve cloud security and PAM adoption to your SaaS applications and hybrid, multi-cloud environments

Execute at Scale With True PAM & Identity Convergence

Ditch complex deployments, shrink TCO, and achieve rapid ROI with Saviynt’s agentless PAM technology

  • Simplify management with no on-prem components
  • Break down identity silos and use intelligent insights to govern access
  • Achieve high availability and built-in trust with FedRAMP, SOC 1 & 2, ISO 27017, and more


Find out the maturity level of your identity security

Take this one-minute assessment and get some insights on strengths and potential gaps in your cloud PAM program.

Customers Share Their Stories

The world’s largest organizations trust Saviynt to protect their privileged accounts from cybercriminals and data breaches

Modernizing Identity Governance & Accelerating Compliance Maturity

“Before, when we didn’t have a modern solution, we felt stagnant. Today, we’re in a much better place. Overall, the implementation has been a success, and the Saviynt team was fantastic.”

Paul Dumbleton

Enterprise Information Security Team Manager


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Privileged Access Management Solutions: FAQs

What is a PAM solution?

What are the primary functions of Privileged Access Management tools?

Why do I need a PAM solution?

Privileged accounts are one of the primary targets of hackers, given their ability to potentially exfiltrate sensitive data or carry out some other nefarious activity like taking down a system. This is why PAM solutions are considered a last line of defense and a vital part of a comprehensive cybersecurity program. By provisioning privileged access only when needed and only for the amount of time needed to complete the privileged activity, you can eliminate standing privileged accounts and reduce your organization’s attack surface.

In today’s hybrid network and cloud architectures, it’s especially vital to have cloud privileged access management. For cloud networks, it makes administration easier with one control plane to monitor activity and manage risk holistically.

Cloud PAM platforms also make your organization more accountable by controlling privileged access more holistically, improving compliance, and reducing standing privileged accounts that can be exploited due to human error or malicious intent. 

A good PAM solution will help you provision privileged access efficiently so that you can reduce IT friction and allow admins to perform tasks more securely.

Finally, PAM solutions are vital for compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, cyber insurance mandates or industry frameworks.

What’s the difference between Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)?


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