All things must eventually come to an end.

The times are a-changin’! Global enterprises are sunsetting legacy Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) systems and adopting converged identity platforms. It’s time to embrace the cloud, increase agility, and secure your modern workforce.

Watch the show as we say farewell to IGA’s past and look forward to securing the enterprise of tomorrow.  See the recording to get expert insights, industry research, rockin’ tunes, and the tech roadmap your organization needs in 2021 and beyond.

Get a close look under the hood at Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) and learn how it drives intelligent security & compliance.

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The Lineup:
Rise of the Enterprise Identity Cloud

Opening Act

Join Saviynt’s CEO as he takes the stage to share his thoughts on the state of enterprise identity, his predictions for the future, and a breakdown of Saviynt’s record-setting year after launching the Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC).

Amit Saha
Saviynt CEO

5 minutes

Set 1: The IGA Convergence is Here Main Stage

Gartner Market Guide Author and leading Cybersecurity Analyst, Henrique Teixeira, will cover what’s driving the ongoing changes in the IGA market. Walk away with a better understanding of the identity convergence that’s underway, the business demands driving the change, and how your organization should respond.
Henrique Teixeira
Author of the Gartner IGA Market Guide

15 minutes

Set 2: Product Keynote: The Rise of the Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) Main Stage

How do you meet the changing demands of modern workforces, rising security risks, and evolving regulations? A converged identity platform. Learn how Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud unifies identity and centralizes management & governance across your organization’s hybrid ecosystem in this live tech talk. We’ll dig into the key capabilities, such as flexible identity workflows, request forms, and deep governance, and explore the upcoming technology roadmap your organization needs to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

Vibhuti Sinha
Chief Product Officer
Jaime Lewis-Gross
Director, Sales Engineering

20 minutes

Set 3: Breakouts Breakout Stages

30 minutes

Privileged Access and Application Access Double EP CPAM Stage

Learn how Saviynt’s integrated CPAM and AAG products can transform your security posture. First, we’ll show you how you can manage privileged access for any application and IT infrastructure, reduce the risk of unauthorized access with Just-in-Time access elevation, and get risk context for privileged accounts. Then, we’ll demonstrate how to secure application access to reduce fraud, simplify audits, and ensure Segregation of Duties through continuous compliance monitoring in this interactive breakout session.

Chris Owen
Director Product Management

EIC Deep Cut: Intelligent Analytics AI Stage

Say goodbye to information silos. It’s time to bring context to identity. The beauty of a unified platform built on an intelligent identity warehouse is the insights and analytics it provides. We’ll show you how to get 360° visibility across human and machine identities, access, and activity through the EIC. Learn how to improve threat detection, expedite incident response, and automate low-risk access decisions during this interactive breakout session.

Sandipto Banerjee
Sr. VP, Products & Solutions

Farewell & The CPAM Jam Main Stage

We’re seeing legacy IGA off with one final song and dance. Don’t miss this live set of classic hits from the CPAM Jam Band. They’ll strike the right chord and hit the high notes so you can boogie down at home alongside your fellow identity experts. This is one privileged access-only show you don’t want to miss!

Daniel Slocki
Host & MC, Saviynt
Goodbye Legacy IGA
Live Band

20 Minutes

Encore Shows

Classic Hits with Top Partners

How to Unify Identity: Driving Intelligent Security & Compliance Webinar

Governance: The Missing Link in Privileged Access Webinar

Virtual Fireside Chat: A Discussion on Converged Identity and Zero Trust Webinar

Zero Trust Strategies to Meet Federal Mandates and Mission Objectives Webinar

AAG Deep Dive Webinar

Date, Time: 

Tech Alliance: Microsoft

GSI: Grant Thorton [US] Nixu, iC Consult, Syunetis [EMEA]


Third-Party Access Governance Deep Dive Webinar

Date, Time: 

Tech Alliance: Microsoft

GSI: Grant Thorton [US] Nixu, iC Consult, Syunetis [EMEA]


Meet the Band

Daniel Slocki

Host & MC, Saviynt


Amit Saha

Chief Executive Officer, Saviynt

Vibhuti Sinha

Vibhuti Sinha

Chief Product Officer, Saviynt

Chris Owen

Chris Owen

Director Product Management, Saviynt

Sandipto Banerjee

Sr. VP, Products & Solutions, Saviynt

Jaime Lewis Gross

Director Solutions Engineering, Saviynt

Henrique Teixeira

Market Guide Author & Cybersecurity Analyst, Gartner

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