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Saviynt for SAP

Remediate your Segregation of Duty (SoD) for SAP


Automatically Remediate Your Segregation of Duty (SOD) Violations

Saviynt delivers the only solution to combine SAP access, usage, industry best practices and a workbench to provide automatic remediation recommendations for SoD violations. Saviynt allows risk analysts to prioritize remediation risks based on actual SoD violations rather than potential SoD violations enacted by end users by integrating usage intelligence.

Data Access Governance for Hadoop and SAP Hana

Out of box integration with Big Data Platforms such as Hadoop and SAP HANA including support for Cloudera and Hortonworks. Saviynt allows data stewards and information security teams to build data access rules in business terms. Saviynt Role Generator translates these business rules into implementable roles that are created in Hadoop or HANA. Saviynt provides the ability to provision these rules automatically in the big data platform. In addition, Saviynt provides real time monitoring of these rules based on the changes in underlying access and activities.


Re-Engineer SAP Roles to be more effective

Saviynt’s role engineering and management solution provides business owners with an invaluable tool to constantly evolve their SAP roles in changing business environments such as re-org, merger & acquisitions, process changes, etc. Saviynt role mining combines various elements (integrated usage analytics, mine per business function or task or both, multiple peer groups, display vs. non-display t-codes, etc.) to determine the most secure and efficient SAP roles. In addition, Saviynt performs SoD simulation during role design to ensure single roles have no inherent SoD conflicts.

Saviynt enables role designers to define single and composite roles that are flexible to meet organizational needs along with tools such as role impact analysis, role versioning, split or merge roles, etc. This role engineering workbench is further integrated with role life-cycle management to identify appropriate role owners, periodic review and certification of role content, etc.


Manage SAP Licenses. 

Saviynt provides over 150+ IT security, risk and threat controls mapped to specific applications access and usage. Controls are mapped to the fine grained entitlements so they do not change based on the application roles defined in an enterprise and can be used out of the box. Organizations can also add new controls. Saviynt provides the ability to take actions on the controls and provide control violation trend charts.

Emergency Access Management

Saviynt provides over 120+ IT and business Segregation of Duty rules mapped to key applications out of the box. Rules are mapped to the fine grained entitlements so they do not change based on the application roles defined in an enterprise and can be used out of the box. Saviynt provides industry’s most advanced Segregation of Duties remediation capability based on advanced analytics on user data, access data and usage data.

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