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Securing M&A Onboarding Agility For Western Digital

Saviynt’s flexible architecture and intelligent capabilities helped Western Digital effectively manage its access and risk


How Saviynt's identity solutions help Western Digital ingest workforces quickly and securely

Identity management is not a one-size-fits-all security solution. Western Digital’s Kum Chai Shin, Director, Information Security, knew the data storage and solutions giant needed a comprehensive identity management platform to handle their frequent mergers and acquisitions efficiently. She takes us through Western Digital’s experience using Saviynt’s platform to secure multiple applications and identities rapidly, securely, and efficiently.

Western Digital's Challenge

Western Digital’s manufacturing footprint spans across the US, Asia and South America. With 65,000 employees and another 20,000 contingent workers around the world, the company is a global powerhouse in the manufacturing of efficient, data-centric solutions.  

Since its inception in 1970 in Southern California as a producer of special semiconductors, Western Digital has grown to $20 billion in annual revenue. From storage platforms to data center drives to embedded and removable flash, innovative Western Digital products provide solutions across the industries that keep the world turning: automotive, banking, government, media, telecommunications, research, oil & gas and more.

Western Digital’s legacy identity management system had gradually become cumbersome, limited in capabilities, and challenging to use. They needed a centralized identity management system that was secure and flexible, intuitive to use, and could accommodate diverse apps and identities to support Western Digital’s continued growth through continuous merger and acquisition activity.  

The Solution

Saviynt implemented a modern Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution for Western Digital in a series of stages that provided a user-friendly platform to manage their growing identity landscape and provide actionable governance and accountability. Details:

Improved user experience accessing business systems
Managed and reduced risk by consolidating processes and platforms
Reduced the tech complexity of mergers and acquisitions
Provided intelligent analytics through centralized dashboard reporting
“Saviynt was picked based on all the product market functionality evaluations, because worker quality is the most demanding requirement that we need to support.”

Kum Chai Shin

Director, Information Security, Western Digital

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