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Securing Compliant Access for Origin Energy

Saviynt helped Origin overhaul their legacy Identity and Access Management product with a state-of-the-art IGA solution that supports both present and future initiatives


Origin Energy's Challenge

Origin Energy is an integrated energy company supplying electricity and gas to over four million customers in Australia.

The company currently manages access for more than 5,000 employees and contractors, and over 6,000 vendors and guests.

Origin develops, produces, and delivers natural gas and renewable energy, supporting a business mission of supplying affordable and sustainable energy to all its customers. The organization’s purpose is getting energy right for its customers, communities and the planet. It does this by making energy more affordable and more sustainable, smarter and easier.

Origin Energy’s outdated Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool limited its ability to scale, created operational friction, and inhibited access to mission-critical applications and data.

Origin Energy’s employee onboarding took more than 10 days to provision birthright access. There was also a lack of compliance visibility and governance. Compliance controls had to be measured across applications, a process that was manual and complex—and therefore error-prone, high risk, and costly. Another issue was their inability to monitor identity. Adopting a hybrid IT infrastructure and multiple cloud solutions created access management issues that inhibited dynamic identity monitoring.

The Solution

Saviynt's Enterprise Identity Governance and Administration platform provided the foundation for a holistic identity lifecycle management and application risk and compliance program to secure critical enterprise and IT assets, including:

  • Out-of-the-box, granular connectors for SAP, Oracle, and other mission critical applications
  • Rapid onboarding and frictionless, on-demand scalability in a truly cloud-native digital platform
  • A 'single pane of glass' cornerstone to provide full visibility user access across enterprise applications, including ERP systems
  • Governance for BOTs, Internet of Things, and control systems with risk avoidance
  • Automated user access reviews that reduced human errors and provided analytics-driven access recommendations
  • Analytics-based continuous monitoring and consistent reporting to all stakeholders
  • An integrated single source of visibility for security, audit, and compliance programs
  • Rules-based birthright access that reduced provisioning time for core and critical applications from 10 days to 24 hours

The Results

Significantly improved application access administration and onboarding processes in six months.

Drastically reduced birthright access provisioning from 10 days to just 1 hour from HR entry
Automated enterprise-wide access reviews
Eliminated manual processes through automation and consolidation of identity clean-up actions
Provided visibility for executives into the enterprise compliance posture across ERP applications
Deployed identity as the foundation for workforce enablement and securing hybrid IT assets
Reduced costs, improved audit support, and set a strong foundation for future initiatives

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