Intermountain Healthcare Redefines what Identity and Access Means

When Intermountain Health asked for an intelligent, adaptive, and modern approach to identity management and data security, Saviynt delivered

“As we’re more modern, there’s more scrutiny on top of that. So we set out some objectives in our program, saying we need to create a centralized identity repository of all users’ access.”

Michael Allred, Cybersecurity Director, Identity & Access Management, Intermountain Healthcare

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How Saviynt helped Intermountain Healthcare define its many roles

Intermountain’s Michael Allred, Cybersecurity Director, Identity & Access Management, details his team’s difficulty in determining proper access levels within a very fluid work environment. Billing administrators, student workers, and outside providers pose a challenge from both a security and workflow standpoint. His goal: to keep their health care center both protected and productive.

Intermountain's Challenge

Intermountain Healthcare is a team of nearly 40,000 caregivers who serve the healthcare needs of people primarily in Utah, southern Idaho, and southern Nevada. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Intermountain is an integrated, not-for-profit organization focused on providing high quality care that is accessible and affordable to all.

Intermountain is the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West. With 215 clinics, 24 hospitals, and telehealth services provided across a six-state area, they employ 2,400 physicians and advanced practice providers, and 3,800 affiliated physicians. In addition, Intermountain’s SelectHealth insurance plans cover approximately 900,000 people.

Intermountain’s changing business needs required a modern identity management system that would take them into the future. In order to meet increasing audit scrutiny and protect their business to business, business to consumer, and affiliate provider relationships, Intermountain demanded more context than their legacy program provided. They wanted to know what devices were being used and from what location their users were accessing information. At the same time,  it was crucial that Intermountain offer a seamless user experience so its providers could continue to deliver the care their patients need.  

Saviynt's Solution

Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform provided a comprehensive solution to Intermountain’s unique concerns. Details:

  • Provided fine-grained access for evaluating Segregation of Duty (SoD)
  • Improved methods for access reviews and attestation
  • Identified and consolidated authoritative sources of identity information
  • Addressed dynamic-based access
  • Implemented cloud and hosted service access control

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