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Trusted Pharmacy-led Healthcare Company Saves 3.3M Hours of Work in the Cloud

Global innovator achieves peak operational efficiency and secures vast identity ecosystem for 2M users


Campaigns completed


Hours of work saved



The Opportunity

A trusted global innovator in retail pharmacy and healthcare with hundreds of thousands of team members around the world had used Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) for many years. But to make this legacy system meet their needs over time, they resorted to heavy customizations to address complex requirements, making the system challenging to maintain and operate. It also lacked the innovation and modern integration support to keep up with business growth and demand. 

To align with its cloud-first IT modernization strategy, it needed a cloud-based identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that could eliminate the complexities of its on-prem infrastructure, improve user experience from day one, meet compliance requirements, and reduced administrative overhead.

The Solution

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Saviynt’s converged identity platform was

a stand-out among leading competitors. With a single dashboard view for the entire enterprise, Saviynt could deliver holistic governance of the company’s on-premise, hybrid, and cloud Microsoft ecosystem—
as well as the critical applications in its technology stack. Its suite of native connectors and integrations put digital transformation within reach.

Saviynt partnered with the company’s payment portal system, to provide a cohesive solution for users based on region. Saviynt functioned as a core engine, and Persistent provided the frontend user interface. The solution allowed the company to maintain its existing request interface while modernizing the backend IGA engine.


OIM Migration

  • Global manager dashboard 
  • Password synchronization and management
  • Self-service access request and approval

Access Reviews

  • Access certification and remediation
  • Contractor leaver review

Reporting Clean Up

  • Replace Oracle with Saviynt reporting suite
  • Quickly clear terminated accounts

Non-Human Identity – Global Self-Service

  • Allow non-human identity owners to perform resets, unlocks, and manage ownership

The Results

Future-Ready IGA

With IGA as the core engine for all processes across global regions, the company was able to deploy rapidly to meet time-sensitive access certification requirements for compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It achieved a single source of identity across its enterprise Microsoft ecosystem and integrated with its payment portal’s interface.

To date, it has automated and secured 10 million Joiner Mover leaver (JML) tasks, completed 285 campaigns, and eliminated 10M tasks, saving its internal teams 3.3 million hours of work.

With OIM migration completed, the company has set a firm foundation to support future digital transformation, privilege management, and access control initiatives.

"From the beginning, Saviynt’s solution was more complete than anyone else’s. Their professionalism, partnerships, and credibility with other vendors re-enforced our trust during this large and complex global deployment."

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