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Fintech Company Meets Industry’s High Bar for Visibility and Control

Internal teams boost security, deliver frictionless user experience, and complete attestations and account maintenance tasks 75% faster

The Opportunity

Creating an enterprise- grade identity management program

A long-standing financial services technology company experienced exceptionally rapid growth launch after launching a digital payment platform. Though a small organization, ownership by larger banks meant that its product evaluation, legal, and procurement processes are like those of a company ten times its size.

To keep pace—and ensure that its internal identity ecosystem was as robust as its customer offerings—the company needed to build out an enterprise-grade identity security program. It needed to incorporate an identity governance and administration (IGA) platform that could help automate identity lifecycle management and governance processes.

With Saviynt, we’ve been able to achieve greater stability in our use of automation. We’ve automated birthright access provisioning and the process of converting accounts as soon as people’s roles change. These are things we couldn’t do in Okta.”

The Solution

Looking to the cloud for cost efficiency, simplicity, and speed

Midway through a sweeping cloud transformation initiative, the company evaluated leading identity solutions. Among them, only Saviynt could deliver a cost-effective, cloud-native solution that could be implemented quickly—and deliver true enterprise-grade capabilities. And, it could do so without the need for extensive customization, eliminating the need for development expertise that would have raised implementation costs and extended the project’s timeline.

Within just three months, the company was able to connect applications including Workday, Active Directory, ServiceNow, and Okta to Saviynt IGA, automating access provisioning, deprovisioning, new user onboarding, and access request and approval processes. The company was also able to introduce automation into its access certification review process, supporting audit readiness and streamlining compliance.

Saviynt IGA’s extensive out-of-the-box integrations made it possible for the fintech company to establish Active Directory as a single source of truth for identities across the organization. The identity team was able to eliminate thousands of stale and unnecessary accounts—including service accounts—mitigating access-related risks and increasing efficiencies. With Saviynt, they can enforce consistent provisioning processes for accounts belonging to agency partners and external partners. And they’re enforcing uniform governance across their attestation campaigns, aligning their workflows with industry-wide best practices.

The Impact
15K | 3 month
15K Entitlements Secured in 3 months
Faster Account Maintenance
The Results

Lightning-fast HR processes

With Saviynt, the company reduced the number of service accounts, consolidated security groups, and automated joiner-mover-leaver (JML) workflows. Its internal teams saved hundred of hours that used to be spent on attestation campaigns and manual account management. They’re able to support a wide range of HR scenarios, including less common ones, such as converting a subcontractor to a full-time hire, or managing the situation when a new hire doesn’t show up on their first day of work.

With Saviynt’s simple and easy-to-use IGA platform, it now has a comprehensive cloud-architected solution that’s delivering frictionless end user experiences, saving time, and meeting the financial industry’s high bar for security and compliance.

The Lessons Learned

Be clear on what a true IGA platform is—and what isn’t

Several vendors market identity and access management (IAM) solutions as if they had IGA capabilities. Most often, customers looking to use an IAM platform to support IGA use cases will be disappointed. An enterprise IGA solution that was purpose-built to serve as a comprehensive identity warehouse and support intelligent, advanced governance will deliver better experiences to admins and end users alike, and the organization can expect far more rapid ROI.

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