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Startup Chooses Saviynt IGA For Top Features + Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Scalable, Secure, and Cost-Efficient: Saviynt IGA is the Secret Ingredient for Innovative Startup

A pioneer in the order-by-app food technology industry needed an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution that could automate manual helpdesk processes, centralize authentication under single sign-on (SSO), and shore up internal compliance initiatives for IPO planning. As a fast-moving, cloud-native organization, it also wanted a cybersecurity provider who could match them in cloud agility and efficiency. Above all else, the solution had to deliver lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

After considering offerings from leaders in the identity security space, the startup determined Saviynt’s cloud-native IGA was a natural fit for its infrastructure. Saviynt delivered a superior on- and offboarding experience, easily supported multi-cloud, and did not require additional in-house technical resources or budget to implement.

The Opportunity

Manual Processes Can’t Match The Pace Of Innovation

When the company secured millions for a multi-year growth strategy, it needed to expand its employee base by 260% to serve thousands of regional users. It also began exploring new markets to scale operations. Without an identity governance platform in place, it was relying on manual helpdesk processes that could not keep up with frequent shifts in both physical locales, market strategies, and supply chain logistics.

It also needed automated user on- and offboarding that could roll with rapid changes and deliver continuous monitoring of user access and identity—no matter when or where they set up shop. The right IGA platform would have to flex with changing conditions, be easy to deploy, and deliver a highly competitive TCO.

The Solution

Agile, Automated IGA That Integrates With Ease

With Saviynt IGA, the startup was able to get up and running quickly—and their IT team could conduct ongoing management and support without requiring additional specialized staff or resources.

The majority of its infrastructure was in Azure, and they needed to consolidate all authentication patterns into SSO—including disconnected or smaller SaaS platforms that didn’t allow SSO. Saviynt IGA integrated seamlessly with Azure Active Directory and their existing HR stack. Over a 6-month period, the company automated all Joiner, Mover, Leaver operations (JMLs), saving their helpdesk thousands of hours in labor. With this new capability, the company can onboard more employees rapidly and serve hundreds of additional users.

With Saviynt’s out-of-the-box connectors, the company could integrate the platform with its existing cloud systems—as well as on-premises applications like SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite. These connectors retrieve information about user accounts, roles, entitlements, and permissions, and deliver a continuously unified and up-to-date view of identities across the organization.

Within just three months, the company was able to connect applications including Workday, Active Directory, ServiceNow, and Okta to Saviynt IGA, automating access provisioning, deprovisioning, new user onboarding, and access request and approval processes. The company was also able to introduce automation into its access certification review process, supporting audit readiness and streamlining compliance.

Saviynt IGA’s extensive out-of-the-box integrations made it possible for the fintech company to establish Active Directory as a single source of truth for identities across the organization. The identity team was able to eliminate thousands of stale and unnecessary accounts—including service accounts—mitigating access-related risks and increasing efficiencies. With Saviynt, they can enforce consistent provisioning processes for accounts belonging to agency partners and external partners. And they’re enforcing uniform governance across their attestation campaigns, aligning their workflows with industry-wide best practices.

Lessons Learned

Saviynt IGA can help curb SaaS platform sprawl.

The company plans to leverage the access controls they are building out in Saviynt IGA to help manage over 100-150 SaaS platforms from their application library. They also anticipate moving to access recertification campaigns and compliance initiatives.

Embrace the power of Saviynt’s no code/ low code connectors.

Initially, the company attempted their own custom coding to build out connectors from scratch. But once they realized the breadth and depth of Saviynt’s capabilities, they dispensed with the extra work and were able to fast-track application onboarding much more effectively.

"With Saviynt, we’ve been able to achieve greater stability in our use of automation. We’ve automated birthright access provisioning and the process of converting accounts as soon as people’s roles change. These are things we couldn’t do in Okta.”

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