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From Hours to Minutes: 
 Trusted Engineering Company Delivers 50% Faster Access

Automating bulk access requests drove huge time savings and enabled a clear line of sight across the enterprise.


Entitlements secured and managed for 46k+ employees


Status changes automated per/year


Faster access provisioning

The Challenge

Slow, Manual Processes

The company’s existing SAP IDM toolset was not up to task for a wide range of complex Joiner, Mover and Leaver (JML) use cases.  Access provisioning and de-provisioning processes were unreliable, and slow turnaround times for bulk access requests bogged down productivity. Their existing tool was not alerting them in a timely fashion 
to errors and they were struggling 
with data inconsistency and 
duplicate identities.

With dozens of independent operating divisions across the continent, and 
over 50,000 employee status changes annually, the company needed better visibility into their identity ecosphere, better protection against unreliable reporting and compliance-related 
issues, and a way to transform access certifications.

It was time to optimize their current processes with a next-gen IGA solution.

The Solution

Automation Drives Efficiency and Better User XP

Within 6 months, the engineering

company went live with Saviynt’s  centralized command and control model, delivering role-based access, streamlined 
certification campaigns, automated provisioning, and industry-leading 
analytics and reporting.

Saviynt’s centralized identity repository allowed it to manage access for employees, contractors, consultants, and partners—
all in one place. Automating the access request management process transformed bulk access requests with SAP IDM from hours to minutes, allowing for huge time savings with Saviynt. 

With a centralized view of over 340,000 
user entitlements, it could also scale 
their access reviews when thousands 
of employees changed roles, and automatically deprovision user access to make sure ex-employees did not 
retain access to sensitive data.

With Saviynt’s role-based access controls, certification campaigns,  and state-of-the-art compliance reporting capabilities, the company was able to complete comprehensive access risk scoring ahead of ahead of imminent federal infrastructure spending. Now the company is on solid footing to modernize their  application onboarding, expand their access certification campaigns, and move closer to 
a zero trust model globally.

The. Results


Migrated to the cloud from on-prem tool


Resolved data inconsistency and duplicate identities in the identity warehouse


Streamlined access provisioning/de-provisioning and delivered timely alerts
and notifications


Reduced time spent on bulk access
request process


Enhanced data governance and compliance with modern reporting capabilities and actionable analytics


Improved access certifications and partner management with centralized identity ecosystem

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