Saviynt’s Core+Extensible Architecture: The Best of Both Worlds

Adnan Alvi

Adnan Alvi

General Manager, Saviynt Labs

Unlike Typically Rigid SaaS Platforms, Saviynt Delivers Superior Flexibility With the Technical Sophistication Organizations Need

Becoming number one in any market is a journey. Along the way, a company must consistently deliver exceptional value and strike a careful balance: meet the diverse needs of customers while maintaining a scalable core in an ever-changing landscape. 

At Saviynt, we strive to do just that.  The success of our customers remains paramount to every decision we make. It flows through our DNA and is integral to the way we build our software. We architect and enhance at the speed of change.

Too often, traditional SaaS platforms can’t accommodate a customer’s unique configuration needs, or deployment stalls due to poor integration capabilities. The Saviynt model is different: a solid kernel that integrates seamlessly with customer environments while being accessible to external-facing services

An Architectural Philosophy That Starts With The Customer 

Each customer has different needs requiring technical flexibility. Their business propositions, security profile, third-party relationships, and privileged access requirements are all unique. Depending on the complexity of their individual challenge, there are numerous choices for SaaS architecture.

That’s why our Enterprise Identity Cloud platform (EIC) is built around architectural principles that contain the best of both worlds: a resilient, robust, and scalable core platform that provides a framework for extensible interfaces. To help meet your challenges, Saviynt delivers tools that allow integration with the existing software landscape, including the ability to convert interfaces, use standard shared solutions from Saviynt Exchange, and build extensions that are the ultimate expression of customer technical empowerment.  

Single Code Base Gives You More Control

We know you need a business-critical solution that is as secure as Fort Knox and, by design, has the flexibility to provide physical and logical isolation. Our SaaS is a single code base deployed across all our customers, and our releases are versioned to ensure that our update and upgrade processes are robust. 

Within reason, customers own the timing around any changes to their environments. Software updates are executed during mutually agreed time slots.  This ensures that customers’ business processes are not interrupted by random update cycles. To be “business critical” means ensuring a predictable user experience with a predictable feature set that does not surprise the customers every morning—but still amazes them when it needs to. 

Even though we allow customers flexible windows for updates, they never fall too far behind as our agreements are to ensure that a SaaS subscription behaves like a predictable service—not a shock and awe modelWe want our customers to feel in control of their environments; our single code base ensures that versioning is only around feature introduction. This gives our customers the flexibility to upgrade the software according to their own schedules and provides the assurance that change will not come as a surprise.

Support for “Bring Your Own Code” Allows Easy Integration 

Crucial to our customer experience is the second leg of our solution philosophy: extensible interfaces. Our enablement solutions ensure that customers, partners, and Saviynt’s own expert services can deploy our software quickly and allow customers to easily integrate with their security fabric. Our Bring Your Own (BYO) philosophy is the ultimate expression of sophistication. Customers that bring strong technical expertise benefit from code extension. At the same time, the guardrails in our software ensure the technical superiority of the solution.

The flexibility of core+custom means we build the platform, enable the customers, allow “bring your own code” and go to the level of sophistication necessary to succeed at the leading edge. Our goal is to have an architectural philosophy that inherently allows innovation at our company AND innovation from our customers.  With flexibility comes immense responsibility. At Saviynt, we aspire to a perfect customer experience —not perfect software fit for a museum!

Saviynt designed Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) with a distinctive architecture to fulfill the security and scalability demands required for identity-centered tasks. EIC offers customers the benefits of multi-tenancy while ensuring complete data, network, and service isolation—and automatic updates to the latest release. Explore how you can accelerate modern cloud initiatives and solve the toughest security and compliance challenges in record time. 

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