Rising to the Challenge: Saviynt Achieves FedRAMP ATO

Kyle Benson

Kyle Benson

Director, Product Marketing

Why Our Identity Governance Solutions and Security Strategies Are Trusted at the Highest Levels

If you’re searching for an identity governance solution for your organization, there’s a lot riding on your decision. And there’s one question likely keeping you up at night: “Which vendor can I trust?” When it comes to the strictest standards in compliance and cloud security, there are two acronyms you need to look for: FedRAMP ATO. 

Authority to Operate (ATO) from FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) indicates that a vendor has been authorized to protect the most sensitive federal data. In 2019, Saviynt was honored as the first identity governance and cloud security platform to achieve this elite authorization. Every three years, vendors must go through this evaluation process again.

We’re proud to announce that in 2022, Saviynt again achieved FedRAMP Moderate ATO, sponsored by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). 

“For several years now, we’ve been FedRAMP authorized,” says Joseph Gassmann, VP, Saviynt Information Security & Compliance, “but this year, we included our EIC, IGA, and CPAM products in the certification process. So as of this year, we are FedRAMP Authorized To Operate on our EIC, IGA, and CPAM products.” 

We’re excited to share a little bit about what this multi-year milestone means to our internal teams, our customers, and our commitment to lead in our market.

Clearing the Highest Bar   

The US Federal Government faces off with some of the world’s most advanced threats — from nation-state attackers to unpredictable current events. That’s why it also imposes some of the world’s most complex and strict compliance requirements: TIC 3.0, NIST, FISMA, CMMC, and FedRAMP. FedRAMP-authorized businesses have successfully aligned with security strategies that have been rigorously vetted.

Obtaining an ATO requires an exhaustive review of our data security and data governance capabilities, as well as our internal security practices. Coalfire, the third-party assessment organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), examined almost every business unit within our organization, requiring huge investments of money, time, and effort to prepare effectively.

To meet FedRAMP’s cloud security requirements, our teams developed and documented a comprehensive security plan detailing how Saviynt secures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our platform and the information it processes.

During multiple review cycles, Coalfire vetted our in-depth understanding of cloud technology, the features of our data security and governance solutions, and our commitment to keeping effective internal security controls in place for the long haul. 

Why FedRAMP Authorization Sets Us Apart 

Saviynt’s FedRAMP ATO gives our customers peace of mind that we are FISMA- and NIST-compliant. And since our security, scalability, and performance features have gained the trust and confidence of government agencies, our customers have one less piece of due diligence to worry about. That takes them one giant step closer to achieving a cloud-first posture.

Check us out: find Saviynt listed as an approved cloud service provider in the FedRAMP Marketplace, the first place government agencies go when they’re shopping for the best cloud-based solutions. 

Make Saviynt the Cornerstone of Your Strategy

Our commitment to achieving top security benchmarks is what differentiates Saviynt as the industry’s Identity Governance platform of choice. It’s why some of the biggest global brands leverage our technology, and why we continue to be the go-to solution for customers who want to transform their Identity and Security program, stay compliant,  and tackle whatever threats may come. 

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