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Introducing Neo

Author: Chad Maxwell

Date: 01/23/2024

Our New UX Design System Is Revolutionizing the Saviynt Experience

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital experiences, users expect seamless, intuitive, and visually stunning interfaces. To create that, a robust UX design system is paramount.

Meet Neo – a design system that will redefine the way users experience the Saviynt platform. Join us as we explore the intricacies of Neo, its features and collaborative benefits, and see the transformative impact it’ll have on our customers’ experience. Neo isn’t just a design system. It’s a game-changer.

Design + Philosophy

Neo is a comprehensive system of design style components and standards that are tightly bound to our UX philosophy. From here forward, Neo will be the bedrock that underpins our dedication to crafting world-class interfaces.

Our guiding principle is to demystify the inherent power of complex platforms. By harmonizing this philosophy with our design system, Neo enables the creation of intuitive interfaces that ensure clarity, accessibility and user-friendliness for all.


Every part of Neo is centered on our customers. To keep ourselves committed to them, we’ve firmly embedded usability testing into our philosophy. The validation we get from constantly testing our designs with our customers gives us confidence that the experiences we design will not only meet their needs but also be delightful.

The Fundamental Advantages of Neo

The introduction of our design system is going to have a ripple effect across the entire Saviynt ecosystem. Far beyond helping designers create beautiful interfaces, Neo is going to improve every piece of our platform. From how we lay out our roadmap to how we design and develop features to how our users experience it, Neo is going to be the fabric of excellence.


Components are the foundation of agility. Creation of them is driven by user needs, and iteration is driven by user feedback and research. Neo operates cyclically to continually improve our customers’ experience with the Saviynt product.

To ensure a successful launch and journey of our design system, we’re navigating toward three core advantages that Neo provides:

Transformative User Experiences: From first-time welcoming to daily tasks to deep configurations, our users can approach the Saviynt UI with confidence and without the need to use “cheat sheets” to get things done. Even better, the experience improvements Neo will provide will also reduce the need for extensive in-product documentation and ultimately result in fewer support tickets.

Accelerated Time to Value: We’re implementing global contextual assistance powered by artificial intelligence, which will significantly elevate product adoption and task efficiency. Our revamped onboarding experience also offers personalized guidance, ensuring smooth setup for administrators who are new to Saviynt.

High Quality and Increased Speed to Market: We’ve solidified our style guide with a design system that includes a ‘LEGO-like’ UI component library and blueprint guidelines that empower UX designers and developers to design and build with efficiency, quality and unified behavior logic. Neo will allow us to aim for higher-quality software releases that we can deliver in weeks instead of months.

Our Guiding Principles for a Revolutionary Experience

The release of Neo marks the beginning of an entirely new era for the Saviynt platform. More importantly, it opens the door to new connections with our customers. If you’ve been keeping up with our UX blogs, it’s no secret how obsessed we are with our customers. Neo will give us more opportunities to engage with them, learn from them, and deliver world-class experiences for them.


Components are modular, and they enable seamless collaboration between UX designers and developers. These “building blocks” can be used interchangeably and combined to create more complex components and UI elements.

To guide us forward on this revolutionary journey, our UX team is laser-focused on these principles:

Simplicity: Saviynt users will approach our UI with confidence, from greetings and guidance at onboarding to configuring powerful connectors. We’re also humanizing our taxonomies and unifying interaction behaviors to naturalize learning and reduce the “question mark” burden.

Discoverability: We’re focused on improving information architecture, exposing and unifying our navigation, and improving the natural progression of workflows. And where it makes sense and it’s needed, we’re offering hand-holding guidance to make the experience as easy as possible.

Modernization: We envision a user interface that’s primed for the future of Saviynt. Elegantly coinciding with our AI endeavors, our mobile-first initiative will deliver on several modern features our users have requested. We’re not talking about a fresh coat of paint (although we believe our new aesthetics will be pleasantly welcomed).

Neo in Action

We wouldn’t go through the effort to introduce our design system and get you excited about how beautiful our interface is becoming without some show and tell. In a platform of Saviynt’s size, it takes a lot of time and effort to roll out a new design system across all aspects of the platform.

Fortunately, we’ve already been hard at work to rebuild some critical functions of our product, and we wanted to share a small sampling of how Neo is transforming the Saviynt experience. Have a look at how Neo is already taking shape in our product.


Neo enables repeatability and consistency. It solves common needs and its rules define standards for creation, interactions and usage across product features.

So, when is Neo arriving? The first major features you’ll be able to experience that are entirely driven by Neo are CPAM and Certifications, which are scheduled to be released starting at the end of March this year. Around the same time, we’ll also be announcing the publicly available Neo website, where you’ll be able to explore our design system on a deeper level. 2024 is primed to be a pivotal year for Saviynt, and we hope you’ll join us for every game-changing moment along the way.

Add Your Voice to the Mix

The creation of Neo didn’t happen in a vacuum, and its continuing evolution won’t either. It took countless hours of design and development that was informed by countless volumes of customer feedback. We would love for you to be part of those conversations as well, and the best way to do that is to join our UX Research Panel, where your contributions in our workshops, design reviews and usability testing could help shape Neo and our product.


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