KuppingerCole 2021 Leadership Compass Report

Privileged Access Management

Global analysts recognize Saviynt’s innovative approach to Privileged Access Management.

The results are in, and we’re proud to announce that KuppingerCole’s 2021 Leadership Compass Report has identified Saviynt as a leading provider for Privileged Access Management. Saviynt’s cloud-based platform was recognized for best-in-class innovation, market achievement, and overall leadership. 

Key accolades from KuppingerCole:

  • Effective integration of built-in capabilities, including IGA, CIEM, and HR tools; a new level of innovation for as-a-service PAM. 
  • Thoughtful approach to the relationship between cloud apps and PAM. 
  • Positive step towards reducing reliance on passwords, as well as resolving redundant IDs and unused passwords, further supporting any organization’s Zero Trust mission.  
  • Continuous discovery of cloud workloads and entitlements, with monitoring for security errors. 
  • Risk Exchange enables bi-directional data integration with other security solutions (i.e. SIEM, vulnerability management).
  • Automated Backdoor Entry Protection identifies backdoor accounts to disable or delete, then alerts and mitigates.

Unlike legacy models, Saviynt CPAM delivers frictionless access and protection designed to scale with modern cloud and hybrid ecosystems. Its intuitive interface and thoughtful UX accelerate adoption. Combined with rapid deployment and a flexible suite of capabilities, these features give rise to dramatically reduced costs — even as threats, compliance demands, and IT environments evolve.

With core tenets of just-in-time access and zero standing privilege across identities and applications, Saviynt PAM sends organizations confidently down the path to Zero Trust.

Download the full 2021 Leadership Compass Report to dig into the data and discover what gives Saviynt the leading edge.

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