Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud

Converged identity security for stronger, simpler, higher-ROI performance.
As enterprises continue their digital transformation journeys, the struggle
to secure data and manage identity landscapes intensifies.

Although IT leaders aim to simplify technology stacks, many are forced to introduce point products to add security.

Alongside, organizations now confront a convoluted universe of identities – both human and machine; employee and non-employee. Meanwhile, cyber hostilities and hardening 
global regulations strain identity and access management efforts. In addition, many enterprises are retooling staffing models 
and augmenting FTEs with third-party workers and partners.

As the variety (and volume) of identity types grows, disparate products across Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Privileged Access Management (PAM), Application Access Governance (AAG), and Third-party Access Governance (TPAG) breed further complexity and insecurity.

These shifts introduce risk: Poor data security and improperly managing employee, non-human, and third-party identities has catastrophic financial and reputational effects.

Governments and other entities are starting to look more closely at how organizations are protecting their data, and not just their internal data, but data accessed by third parties such as contractors, and supply chain partners, as well. For example, the SEC is proposing new rules to address cybersecurity risk. And for companies in regulated industries, compliance violations may materially affect operations. Even user experience deficiencies (for example, stifling end user self-service) hurt.

These dynamics birthed the notion of a Converged Identity Platform – a new model of consolidated, SaaS-delivered identity and access management – pioneered by Saviynt. 

We call it the Enterprise Identity Cloud.

Reflecting on the platform innovation, Security Magazine applauds the forward-leap with converged identity.

“[The platform] helps make organizations more secure, compliant with regulations and provides a faster return on investment. It enables greater gains in efficiency for user and application on/off-boarding while supporting and enhancing the auditing process.

It simplifies how users log into systems and apps and maximizes and optimizes existing identity tools, policies, and processes.”

– Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration, Gartner© 2020

True Convergence:
One Platform, Total Control

To capitalize on the convergence buzz, platform vendors are quick to tag their solutions as “converged.” But, as enterprises target simpler identity governance they must understand what true convergence is.

Convergence Fact vs. Fiction

Con·​ver·​gence [kən-ˈvər-jən(t)s]: Identity convergence means a strategic union of access, security, and governance capabilities delivered via a flexible and extensible cloud platform.

Convergence is more than just repackaging distinct entities. Necessarily, it solves identity security lapses inherent with the fragmented approach of using multiple, disparate point products. A truly converged identity platform builds off an elastic foundation to encompass the breadth and depth of identity, access, compliance, behavior, and risk information available in the enterprise.

Saviynt pioneered convergence with its Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC). EIC consolidates core identity security capabilities into a single solution to centralize identity management and governance with components that share similar underlying processes. 

The platform relies on a warehouse that houses identity and access information from sources located on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

Understanding Genuine Convergence

To evaluate the reliability of vendors’ convergence claims, verify that an identity security platform is:

Cloud-native to provide flexibility, automation, and speed.

Architecturally unified on a single code base to eliminate security silos, and manage identity security from a single point of control without disruption or lag.

Feature rich with multiple identity capabilities, including IGA, PAM, application GRC, third-party and data access governance to secure human and service account identities.

Integrated with enterprise apps, cloud platforms, security solutions, and collaboration tools.

Automated to reduce manual workloads, and perform routine and low level activities such as lifecycle management and provisioning. 

Highly scalable, flexible, and extensible to provide maximum security and protection.

This list begs the question: What are the characteristics of platforms “converged” in name only?

First, genuine convergence isn’t:
  • A solution lifted and shifted to the cloud that brings along legacy technical debt.
  • Separate point solutions disguised as a single platform (or those cobbled together with SSO across varied management consoles).
  • “Light” and lacking the ability to expand 
and scale, or requiring non-platform point products when more capability is needed.
  • Difficult to configure, and requiring 
heavy customization, additional coding 
or professional services to meet 
security goals. 
  • Burdensome for IT admins to operate 
and difficult for standard users to get necessary access.

“By 2025, 70% of new access management, governance, administration and privileged access deployments will be converged1.

But enterprises must proceed cautiously.

New vendors market ‘convergence’ without genuinely integrating core identity governance and security capabilities.

Beware of old technology disguised as new: simplicity, security, 
and user experience are at risk.”

– Vibhuti Sinha, Chief Product Officer

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Experiencing the Enterprise
Identity Cloud Difference 

Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) is our fully integrated converged identity platform that unites core identity governance and security capabilities to protect people, data, and infrastructure.

EIC engages AI/ML to contextualize and reduce risk, automate identity lifecycles, and provide smart recommendations to increase security effectiveness.

Four modular identity security capabilities converge to form the single-platform EIC:

Beyond our “every identity, every app” security ethos, EIC integrates and shares contextual risk intelligence with other identity and cybersecurity tools, including SIEM, XDR, and SASE to enhance threat detection and incident response.

Four Innovative Solutions: Governance at Cloud Speed

With EIC, multiple identity governance capabilities converge so security leaders can unify controls and risk management for every identity, app, and cloud across the business. Below, we explore 
each capability.

Identity Governance & Administration

Saviynt Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) ensures your users have seamless access to necessary resources on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. For organizations wanting better efficiency and agility, IGA adds automation and intuitive identity workflows. Our IGA solution is powered by a comprehensive identity warehouse and features an extensive controls library for risk-based, continuous compliance and security.

We built our IGA product to be ‘intelligent at its core’, which means faster access decision making with AI/ML-driven recommendations, remediation, and auto-provisioning capabilities. Security teams can easily ingest any identity, analyze complex access and usage data, and make risk-aware access decisions throughout the identity lifecycle.

Importantly, our IGA is simple and easy to use. By reducing dependency on IT with end-user and admin self-service, and improving visibility, control, and compliance through our Control Center, organizations unlock an efficient, interactive governance program.

  • Accelerate Zero Trust adoption with Just-in-Time Access and Zero Standing Privilege for all access types.
  • Deploy quickly and see ROI in weeks, not months or years.
  • Improve productivity with a user-friendly experience.
  • Increase efficiency with automated last-mile provisioning.
  • Reduce regulatory overhead with assured compliance.


Organizations save
BIG with Saviynt.

According to Forrester, enterprises achieve 
240% ROI with Enterprise Identity Cloud.

Privileged Access Management

Behind Saviynt’s agile, risk-based approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a fundamental goal: Eradicate persistent accounts, standing privilege, and establish governance from Day 1.

Few PAM solutions support this type of security goal as they tend to scan environments at fixed intervals. The problem is, cloud resources are ephemeral in nature. Due to the elastic nature of cloud, solution designs with fixed scans don’t work. Our PAM solution continuously discovers cloud risks including changes within elastic workloads, new privileged accounts, and access – all in real-time. Misconfigured objects are easily flagged, and remediation steps (including session termination or access removal) trigger automatically.

To reduce standing privilege, security leadership can easily create, approve, and monitor time-bound, role-based privileged sessions. This includes enabling just-in-time elevated access to resources, and monitoring privileged activity while it occurs (or later via session recording).

To shrink TCO, reduce management fatigue, and reduce risk more quickly, Saviynt PAM also supports application onboarding with a simple wizard that includes real-time account, workload, and entitlement discovery.

Saviynt Cloud PAM can help organizations contain sharply rising cyber insurance premiums by demonstrating that they have reduced the risk of a privilege escalation attack.

  • Manage privileged access for all applications and infrastructure.
  • Provide JIT access with Just-Enough privilege to reduce risk.
  • Eliminate unused and over-permissioned accounts with usage analytics.
  • Help contain sharply rising cybersecurity insurance costs.
  • Use EIC’s vault to store credentials, keys, and tokens – bring your own vault, capitalize on your existing investments, and enforce your own security policies.

Third-Party Access Governance

According to research by Ponemon Institute, 59% of organizations have experienced data breaches caused by third parties2. Still, many organizations operate without robust security controls to support vendor, supplier, contractor or partner access to shared tools, applications, and data sets. 

Saviynt’s Third-Party Access Governance (TPAG) solution helps organizations provision and manage access across all environments with confidence. 

Security leaders can configure and manage a third-party identity program using an extensive set of pre-built templates, robust control libraries, and an intuitive wizard to reduce application onboarding effort. Saviynt also supports automated access provisioning, requests, and approval –  along with essential Joiner, Mover and Leaver processes.

Importantly, Saviynt supports sponsor/owner assignment for each vendor relationship. Sponsors or owners include vendors in routine access reviews and can revoke access if a vendor’s employee terminates employment. This also helps prevent orphaned vendor access.

To improve onboarding experiences, we offer invitation-based user registration and birthright provisioning of account access. In addition, self-service user onboarding adds productivity and lightens administrator workloads.

In order to enforce compliance controls and create readily accessible audit documentation, Saviynt helps map compliance controls to user type, and offers auto-remediation policies to remediate non-compliant identities. Plus, out-of-the-box regulatory compliance reports for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, and others makes it easier to enforce compliance controls.

  • Holistically reduce third-party risk from over-provisioned access.
  • Know who you’re dealing with: Apply a sponsorship model for better communication and management. 
  • Quickly identify access gaps for rapid remediation.
  • Speed access by automating low-risk access approvals with 
self-service registration – no IT required.  
  • Improve visibility and speed up remediation with hundreds of out-of-the-box risk controls. 

Application Access Governance

Saviynt’s Application Access Governance (AAG) solution delivers centralized, fine-grained entitlement management, real-time intelligence, and automated remediation to secure applications, users, and data. 

Our AAG capability helps enterprises bring identity management and application GRC under one roof, while aligning security policies across all apps, devices, and operating platforms. 
In addition, deep integration with mission-critical enterprise tools gives enterprises unparalleled visibility into access permissions and user activities. Our AAG solution also features preventive and detective Segregation of Duties (SoD) analysis capabilities, as well as out-of-the-box rulesets for a granular view of application risk.

These capabilities support ongoing audit readiness with continuous compliance across applications like SAP, Workday, Oracle, and other SaaS and on-premise applications. For many enterprise applications, Saviynt has rulesets with preset definitions for risky combinations of fine-grained entitlements to expose a true view of SoD.

  • Reduce access risks with robust cross-application control.
  • Embrace fine-grained visibility to see SoD violations deep into business processes.
  • Manage multiple applications simultaneously and give compliance managers the reports they need.
  • Use continuous entitlements monitoring to compare peer group analytics and identify outliers.

Smarter, Simpler Identity Security 

Saviynt is quickly fixing the fractured identity landscape with a comprehensive, integrated identity platform where usability meets high-functioning governance and security.

Along the EIC journey, enterprises routinely exceed modernization goals including: 

Faster Deployment and Simpler Management

EIC reduces application onboarding times by up to 70% by using pre-configured templates, a robust control library, and an intuitive wizard. To compress implementation and deployment timelines, EIC quickly connects cloud platforms, enterprise applications, databases and directories, and cloud storage with pre-built and out-of-the-box integrations.

With hundreds of certified integrations, enterprises can quickly add applications and ingest usage and risk signals from critical enterprise applications.

The platform also supports Bring-Your-Own (BYO) capabilities for existing workflows, security keys, vaults, and forms. Enterprises can still leverage previous investments and provide a continuous user experience. In addition, automation eliminates administrator responsibilities around low-level activities, speeds decision making, and reduces fatigue with access and role recommendations.

Management & Governance: For all Identities, Applications, and Workloads

EIC supports a 360-degree view of the entire identity landscape–whether on-premises, multi-cloud, or hybrid. Converged identity capabilities deliver an administration experience complete with unified intelligence, reporting, and dashboarding.

Leaders can quickly assess their identity program’s health with actionable reporting against key performance indicators.

Reduced Risk with Actionable Insights 
and Intelligence

A powerful identity warehouse centralizes all identities and eliminates security silos. Our warehouse features an analytics engine that performs machine-learning activities including risk-based data and usage pattern analysis, anomaly identification, and remediation. Through analysis, the engine provides smart recommendations around identity access and role management.

The warehouse also ingests, contextualizes, and exchanges risk data across GRC and risk platforms, including CASB, SIEM, UEBA, and vulnerability management tools to examine risk across users, access, compliance, activity, and endpoints.

Frictionless Protection and Maximum Productivity

It’s time to debunk the fallacy that better security demands usability tradeoffs. EIC eliminates many IT burdens, while helping business users get necessary access via self-service features. Our “anytime-anywhere access experience” utilizes existing collaboration platforms and ITSM tools to streamline identity workflows.

EIC also supports tailored personas to dynamically grant (and revoke) access to varied user personas.

Hello, Better Security

Turning Convergence Into a Competitive Advantage

As the only enterprise-grade Identity Governance SaaS platform, EIC modernizes and simplifies identity security across industries and geographies. With EIC, enterprises of all sizes experience:

Cost savings through lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
and increased return on investment (ROI).
  • ROI driven by 4-6 weeks vs. 8 months or more time-to-value.
  • Over 400 apps managed on average, lowering TCO.
  • Reduce technology stacks, maintenance, and unused software licenses.
  • Leverage existing investments with BYO-capabilities (forms, connectors, workflows, keys, vaults, etc.)
Streamlined processes, and faster application and identity provisioning and onboarding.
  • More enterprise use cases solved efficiently.
  • Highly rated technical vendor; supports Zero Trust & Zero Standing Privileges, License Recovery, Group/Entitlement Governance, Success Management, and more.
Better user experiences supported by richer self-services capabilities and advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Up to 70% reduction in decision times.
  • 30% autonomous decision approvals based on risk-level access.
  • Meet users where they are – ServiceNow, Teams, Slack, plus API-first approach for frictionless experiences.
Simpler compliance with relevant regulations alongside compressed audit timelines.
  • Eliminate heavy customization, and the 3+ tools needed to traditionally meet compliance requirements
  • Support for event based micro-certification, application/entitlement/data owner certification
  • Platform leverages leading public cloud providers for best in class availability and security that are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other notable regulations.
Silo elimination with a security program that meets the needs of today–while maintaining adaptability for the future.
  • View and manage risk across clouds, SaaS, DevOps, infrastructure, and applications to reduce the attack surface.
  • FedRAMP-grade data protection.
  • Address complexity and governance fragmentation across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure; human and machine identities; distributed 
and third-party workforces.


About Saviynt

Saviynt is the leading identity governance platform built for the cloud. We help enterprise customers accelerate modern cloud initiatives and solve the toughest security and compliance challenges in record time. The Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud converges IGA, granular application access, cloud security, and privileged access into the industry’s only enterprise-grade SaaS solution.