Zero Trust for Public Sector - Virtual

Event Date – Tuesday, May 18 at 1 PM EDT

We are delighted to host the Zero Trust for Public Sector session on Tuesday, May 18th 2021 at 1 PM EDT with select customers that participated and/or showed interest in the user groups of the recent past.

These follow-up sessions are targeted to brainstorm and identify challenges/opportunities across various topics based on the feedback and requests from the industry specific User Group meetings held last quarter. Owing to the trends observed, we intend to open a discussion around Zero Trust where we aim to demystify the concept, describe the maturity model, identify what it means to you and discuss how Saviynt can be leveraged.

We are inculcating an open discussion format for these follow-ups so that you get to shape the discussions and get exactly those insights into challenges and helpful hints that you are looking for.


We look forward to your continued participation and active engagement during this session.

Saviynt’s Public Sector User Group comprises like-minded customers and users for shared growth through industry thought leadership and increased Saviynt product utilization. Its primary goal is to drive efficiency, continuous compliance, and operational improvements throughout the financial services industry.

In this charter, Saviynt is combining Government, Public, FED and SLED, into an all-inclusive category called “Public Sector”, for the purpose of building a focused user community aligned across these industries.  While we respect there is uniqueness within each sub-domain, we also believe there are many synergies, especially as it pertains to regulatory compliance and security objectives.

What are we seeking?

  • Organizational leaders and executives that have span-of-control including IAM and Risk Management programs 
  • Idea exchange with peers and partners
  • Content delivery and presentation by credible Speakers
  • Customer-held chairperson seat to help Saviynt lead and develop the quarterly meetings, refine agendas, and recruit community peers

Your participation benefits you, your organization, Saviynt, and the rest of the community. We look forward to your active participation.


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