Risk-Aware Certifications

Enabling point-in-time and real-time certification of critical access and assets

Enabling Certifiers to Reduce Risk

Managers, role owners, application owners, and IT administrators must document their certification decisions to meet stringent compliance mandates but often sacrifice security for efficiency because the process is time-consuming and overwhelming. Saviynt’s platform drives down access risk with its user-friendly, intelligent certification that enables users to make meaningful, documented decisions.


The Enterprise Benefits of Risk-Aware Certifications

Saviynt’s fine-grained eSaviynt’s automatic reminders and escalations make it easy for business managers, application owners, role owners, and others in the organization to make informed decisions about access certifications. Our intuitive interface makes creating campaigns – the periodic reviews that surface all user access for approval – easier for everyone from compliance administrators to business users to create, examine, and validate. Automatic reminders and escalations prevent the time lags that come from unavailable approvers and give campaign owners clear insight into the campaign’s completion status.

Saviynt’s solution helps organize access reviews based upon risk so that reviewers have clear focus on the areas that matter. Low-risk access can be reviewed on a less frequent basis, cutting down on the amount of data reviewers must process. When reviewers only have to look at high-risk access, attention to detail and the revocation of excess, unnecessary access increases. Organizations enhance their security posture by cutting down on the noise and utilizing Saviynt’s capability to prioritize certification campaigns based on risk.

Saviynt’s certification capabilities provide not just the real-time view of access and risk, but also the full history of how someone obtained access and what decisions have been made in prior certifications. Using the Saviynt platform’s campaign dashboard, reviewers can more easily make informed decisions by comparing user access from the previous review cycle against that contained in the current campaign. Meanwhile, our peer- and usage-based intelligent analytics can surface differences in user access to highlight unnecessary or misused access that would otherwise be invisible.

Saviynt’s platform automatically triggers “micro-certifications” that enable organizations to meet continuous compliance mandates. The time-lag that often occurs when users switch job role or leave an organization increase your compliance and security risk. Changes in your system of record trigger a micro-certification, or review of an individual’s access needs, so reviewers can make and document their access decisions in real-time. While some users should immediately have their access removed, an individual with an overlap between two positions in the organization may need to retain it for a short time. Saviynt’s micro-certifications increase meaningful decision making by surfacing these reviews when necessary rather than having them get lost in the larger periodic reviews.

Digital transformation strategies increase user access needs and IT ecosystem complexity. Saviynt’s platform leverages ElasticSearch and cloud agility so organizations can scale their certification reviews as their user and entitlement populations continue to grow. Business applications with complex security models typically also transmit, store, and access your most critical data assets, increasing both compliance and security risks. Saviynt’s certification capabilities along with our native connectors to mission-critical business and HR applications help you continuously monitor and document compliance activities while maintaining near real-time access as a part of our Application Access Governance capabilities.


Utilizing IGA to Manage Compliance Risks
Utilizing IGA to Manage Compliance Risks

Governments and industry standards organizations seek to increase data privacy and security by adding more compliance requirements. Saviynt’s IGA helps you meet these compliance risk.

Ensuring SoD Compliance in your Hybrid Ecosystem
Ensuring SoD Compliance in Your Hybrid Ecosystem

Through mergers and acquisitions or implementation of best-of-breed technologies, today’s organizations must manage a diverse set of applications and security models. Saviynt ensures Segregation of Duties compliance in your hybrid ecosystem to keep you in compliance and protect you from fraud.

Manage Risk and Compliance in Critical Applications
Manage Risk and Compliance in Critical Applications

Fraud is a risk for critical applications with complex authorization models. Saviynt helps ensure you have visibility into your risk and continuous controls to manage your compliance.

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