Intelligent Access Request

Securely removing the friction from gaining additional access

Next-Generation Access Requests

Chances are your organization struggles to balance getting people access as fast as possible with ensuring that access is appropriate and secure. Saviynt’s Intelligent Access Request capabilities help your people find the right access they need quickly, while also giving approvers an easy way to understand risky or anomalous access requests.

Saviynt pioneered our intelligent access request to help security move from a business roadblock to a business enabler.


The Enterprise Benefits of Saviynt's Intelligent Access Request

Searching for access can be complex and overwhelming. Application or access entitlement names can be obscure, and people often default to looking for access the same as someone they know. This difficulty leads to employees often requesting more access than necessary.

Saviynt’s application access catalog provides a place for business users to easily find the access they need. We provide recommendations based upon their job and peers, allow roles and templates for ease of bundled access, and have an auto-preview search function to help you see possibilities as you type. Employees can easily and intuitively find what they’re looking for, without needing special training to use the tool.

Requesting access shouldn’t be a burden, and requestors shouldn’t have to adopt cumbersome practices in order to gain access. Saviynt provides multiple locations to initiate a request. Whether an individual is used to creating a request ticket in an IT Service Management system such as ServiceNOW, wants a mobile application like the Saviynt Mobile App for iOS and Android, or even initiating a request right within the application screen via a browser plugin, Saviynt enables people to request access in the most seamless fashion possible.

Saviynt’s intelligent analytics begin analyzing an access request before it is even submitted to identify any access which is anomalous or risky, such access which would trigger a Segregation of Duty or policy violation. A visual cue lets a requester know that they are requesting something exceptional which might not be approved and identifies the reason. Whether it’s outside of the common access of other similar employees, high-value access which the business has determined is risky, or access which would lead to a toxic combination, Saviynt’s Intelligent Access Request gives the requester visibility into the cause of risk. Should access still be deemed necessary, a requester can add justifying information.

Approvers will have the same swift visibility into risk, including the full details of the source of risk scoring, to perform a smart review of the request. Requests are routed automatically based upon business processes, helping ensure the right person– whether manager, application owner, security team, or some combination of these– is dealing with each request. Whether in our mobile application or through an email, Saviynt provides a frictionless approval process. An approver can choose to reject an access request which incurs risk, approve but also add a mitigating control, or consult with another person before making a decision. Saviynt guarantees both visibility into access risk, as well as multiple options for addressing every request.

Take advantage of Saviynt’s drag and drop, graphical interface to design the approval flow you want, modeling your own business process. There’s no coding required, only configuration, and it’s easy to define templates, reminder emails, and reusable flows. Saviynt’s solution is designed so business users can create flows rather than calling upon IT for every change.

When approvers have to review too many access requests, security can become a blur. Saviynt gives managers the laser focus into areas that are actually risk, drawing attention where it needs to be. Organizations utilizing Saviynt have seen up to 36% of SoD violations prevented during the access request process. This translates directly to managers saving time when reviewing excess access, and security is now enabling the business to run efficiently.


Privileged access request with in line SoD assessments
Video: Privileged Access Request with In-Line SoD Assessments

Discover how to set, monitor, and enforce preventative Separation of Duty (SoD) requirements that can help your organization stay in regulatory compliance.

5 Reasons to Automate Self-Service Access Requests
5 Reasons to Automate the Self-Service Access Request Process

Access request management can be a cumbersome process, especially if you want to enforce the principle of least privilege. Saviynt helps you reduce friction and enable security all at once.

Managing Access Requests and Segregation of Duties Compliance
Managing Access Requests and SoD

Visibility of Segregation fo Duties (SoD) in access requests helps reduce risk for both the requestor and approver. Saviynt helps ensure your compliance with implementing SoD inline in your access requests.


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