Data Access Governance


Data Access Governance

Protect Structured and Unstructured Data Across Hybrid IT From Internal and Third-Party Access

Data is the core of your business, which means you need to be aware of every file that poses a potential risk to your organization whether it’s the structured data locked away in databases and applications that you think are secure, or the largely ignored unstructured data like documents and spreadsheets that so often contain sensitive or business-critical data.

Saviynt’s Data Access Governance (DAG) helps you discover, analyze, protect, and manage access to all of your data, structured or unstructured, regardless of whether your IT ecosystem is on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based.

Identify All Access to All Data

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Saviynt’s DAG scans all locations data resides, including applications, email, file systems, documents, databases, and collaborative tools, and identifies structured and unstructured data across your on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based IT ecosystems for full visibility into location, ownership, and access.

Automate Data Access Risk Analysis

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Saviynt integrates traditional data classification with identity and risk intelligence so you can identify sensitive data such as PII, trade secrets, or corporate financial information then intelligently analyze the risk exposure to protect business-critical data assets and meet compliance requirements.

Establish Risk-Based Data Access Policies

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Saviynt converges Identity Governance with DAG enabling data access policies that drill down to file-level fine-grained entitlements by combining access and usage information, data classification rules, and risk ranking of users to define preventive and detective data access rules.

Monitor Data Access Across the Ecosystem

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Saviynt’s Control Exchange, with its out-of-the-box control repository and Unified Controls Framework, offers automated continuous controls monitoring and documentation capabilities that enable you to maintain your robust compliance posture and proactively prevent security events across your IT ecosystem.

Protect Data with Real-Time Response to Risk

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When a document is uploaded, updated, or access is changed, Saviynt's preventative controls review the document's risk level and trigger access approvals and reviews. Saviynt can quarantine sensitive documents in real-time to prevent business or compliance violations.

Out-Of-The-Box Integrations For Data Access Governance

Saviynt’s Data Access Governance integrates easily (no coding required!) with your existing software solutions—and the ones you’ll be acquiring in years to come.

Data Access Governance integration partners for Saviynt.


Data Access Governance: How The Enterprise Benefits

Saviynt’s access analytics restricts activity that could potentially lead to a breach.  Leveraging powerful techniques such as quarantine, access lockdown, or security team alerts to address suspicious activity, Saviynt’s platform automatically prevents insecure data sharing. 

Saviynt’s access provisioning is intelligently managed by out-of-the-box and custom policies and controls.  Self request provisioning empowers users by automatically granting low-risk access while escalating high-risk requests for additional review by data owners, using peer- and access-based analytics.

Saviynt’s data collection capabilities address on-premises and cloud-based data stores, from Windows file systems to SaaS collaboration tools from Operating Systems to Office 365. Leveraging an agentless architectural approach, each “Data Collector” provides an easy, wizard-driven interface to collect exactly the data needed, enabling fast, flawless, lightest-weight possible data collection from dozens of data sources.

Saviynt’s powerful data analysis capabilities include both pattern matching and natural language processing capabilities, ensuring that data which is PII, PCI, PHI or Intellectual Property can all be classified appropriately.  Enterprises can leverage Saviynt to perform peer and behavioral analytics to detect high-risk activity based on various risk scoring parameters including volume spike, ingress/egress traffic, event rarity, outlier access, policy/control violations, threat intelligence, etc. Saviynt enables enterprises to perform signature-less analysis for rapid detection, effective investigation, and closed-loop security response.

When trying to determine the exact access someone has, organizations need to go deeper than roles and groups. Only Saviynt can delve into all of the complexities of application security hierarchies to draw a very precise image of exact access. Leveraging this deep visibility, you can grant the most precise access necessary for a person to execute their job, ensuring you’re adhering to the principle of least privilege across the entire application ecosystem.

Saviynt’s DAG solution allows the creation of risk-based policies to manage the data access program and automate user requests to data. Assigned data owners perform fine-grained access review to ensure granting entitlements aligns with business needs.  Utilize peer and behavioral analytics detect high-risk activity in near real-time, allowing the enterprise to rapidly investigate and respond.


Protecting Healthcare Data and Privacy

Personal health information (PHI) and electronic PHI (ePHI) are among the most valuable information malicious actors want, and Saviynt helps healthcare organizations provide the access necessary for patient care while maintaining patient privacy.

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Govern Data in Box and Beyond

Watch how Saviynt’s convergence of IGA and Data Access Governance protects your Box environment, including files, folders, and what’s being shared to external users. .

Converging DAG and IGA to Govern Structured and Unstructured Data

Saviynt and STEALTHbits have joined together for a joint Go to Market. Understand how we provide governance for your structured and unstructured data with a converged solution of Identity and Data Governance.

Saviynt Press Release

Protect Data in the Cloud and on the Ground with Saviynt's Data Access Governance Solution

Saviynt helps detect anomalies in near-real-time using out-of-the-box controls, behavioral deviations, event rarity, and identity intelligence from the entire organizational IT ecosystem whether on the ground, in the cloud, or hybrid to perform automatic remediation leveraging techniques such as quarantine, access lock-down or security team alerts to address suspicious activity and prevent a breach.

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