Data Access Governance

Discover and Protect Sensitive Data
Saviynt Data Access Governance

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

Data is the core of your business, so keeping it secure is vital. Your team needs to be aware of every file or data repository that contains sensitive or business-critical data.

Secure Data in the Cloud and on the Ground

Saviynt Data Access Governance (DAG) helps you discover, analyze, protect, and manage access to all of your data — whether your IT ecosystem is on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.

Protect Your Most Important Asset

Secure Data From Accidental Leaks or Cyberthreats
Simplify Data Collection

Bring your data repositories like Microsoft Office 365, Box, and Google Drive together under one lens 

Build Powerful Data Risk Analysis

Use pattern matching and natural language processing to find sensitive data

Minimize Data Exfiltration

Automatically quarantine files, block access, and alert security teams

Protect Your IP and Brand

Prevent insecure data sharing internally & externally

Thwart Insider Attacks

Continuously monitor and control data access

Track File Access History

Improve digital forensics and simplify compliance 

Protect Your Data Anywhere, Anytime.

Find Data and Lock It Down

Find Your Data and Lock It Down

Control How Your Data is Accessed and Shared

  • Discover, remove, and monitor improper access to sensitive files – on-premises and in the cloud
  • Eliminate access obtained via sharing links, collaboration, or folder inheritance
  • Use automation to quarantine files and enforce least-privilege access

Breeze Through Audits With Risk-Based Data Access Policies

Set up access to achieve Least Privilege principles to stay compliant

  • Inspect and classify files with sensitive data like PII, PCI, PHI, & GDPR
  • Ensure sensitive company information is guarded through attestation of ownership
  • Immediately enforce access rules and policies

Get Ahead of Insider Threats

Detect misconfigurations that can be exploited to access sensitive data
  • Prevent unauthorized access with customizable data protection rules and policies
  • Get complete insight to identify and address inappropriate access and over-privileged resources
  • Detect and respond to insider threats or advanced account takeover attacks

Why You Need Data Access Governance

Data is the biggest asset you own. Controlling user management and upgrading your security gives you more control over how you use your data. Data access governance is the heart and soul of your organization.

Effective policies are just the first step to preserving your systems and creating a platform that puts governance at the forefront of your data policy.

Investing in data access governance tools can transform your organization through:

  • Better Data Analytics – Superior data analytics services empower your executive team to make better decisions and improve operations.
  • Avoid Errors – Clean up your data to avoid inconsistencies, integrity issues, and organizational problems.
  • Compliance – Guarantee regulatory compliance with auditing bodies and your partners with data access governance solutions that minimize risks.

At its core, you need data access governance software to improve the quality of your data, reduce your operational costs, and increase access to data.

The result? Better decisions equal better business outcomes.

Common Data Access Governance Challenges

Change the way you manage access governance with the industry’s leading DAG solution. Overcome the common challenges of data access governance in the modern digital landscape.

Smaller organizations have the exact same obligations as larger companies. Limited resources can act as a draw on your business process.

With the advanced Saviynt service, you gain access to the platform that helps you manage access governance without draining the resources of your existing IT setup.

Break down the silos that prevent proper access to stakeholders. Avoid creating internal friction within departments, cope with evolving infrastructure, and keep up with rapid-fire data collection.

Make the most of your data by maintaining efficient organization and categorizing of your data types through Saviynt.

Take control of your enterprise with data leadership. Saviynt enables your organization to demonstrate the leadership it needs with innovative tools that transform your approach to data access governance.

Our solution is designed to align governance with your business goals. Stop wasting resources and time with a platform that works with you, not against you.

Segregate the data that matters from the piles of data that have no relevance to your enterprise’s business objectives.

Invest in a data analytics and analysis tool that makes it easy to spot the correlations relevant to your organization.

Make sure each department and decision-maker has easy access to what they need to break new ground.

Take back control of enterprise data to avoid slipping into noncompliance. Failure to control access can open up data security breaches that could result in significant six-figure fines for your organization.

When you are drowning in data with little control, your vulnerability grows. Too much data, outdated security practices, and being unable to keep up with the latest consumer data regulations all pose risks.

Gain control over the data running through your organization and keep your finger on the pulse with Saviynt now through continuous monitoring against the latest threats.

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