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Workforce Identity Management –
Without All the Work

Workforce Identities
Secure Everyone From the
Factory Floor to Remote Teams
Simple, secure, automated, and cloud-driven.
Workforce identity management that just works.

One Workforce. One Platform. Every Identity.

Identity Stack

Simplify Your
Identity Stack

Unite multiple identity management capabilities into a single platform. Unify controls and risk management for every identity, app, and cloud across your business.
Zero Trust

Build a Zero
Trust Foundation

Introduce just-in-time privilege elevation and time-bound access. Use pre-built access roles to provide precise access that expires automatically.
Secure Remote Workers

Secure Remote

Mitigate risk, control access, govern identities, and secure assets quickly and confidently for all remote identities – including workforces, vendors, or devices.

Embrace Automation


Automate identity workflows with configurable policies and controls. Automatically grant users low-risk access while escalating higher-risk requests for review.
Identity Solutions
That Let Workers Work
An identity platform built for simplicity and scale.

Simplify Security

Monitor control violations, including those granted during emergency elevation. Generate alerts and remediation suggestions for found issues.

Simplify Security Controls
Control Risk Across Multiple Applications

Control Risk Across
Multiple Applications

Unlock fine-grained entitlement visibility across your application ecosystem. Better define cross-application separation-of-duty (SoD) controls.

Provide Precise
Application Access

Design complex security hierarchies and view any identity’s entitlements – then apply least privilege access across your application ecosystem.

Provide Precise Application Access
Expedite Onboarding


Onboard people, apps, and machines in minutes and selectively turn on access & governance functionality.

Enable Widespread
Zero Trust

Amplify Zero Trust via integrations across security ecosystems. Share risk information and application context to holistically govern and manage user access.
Enable Widespread Zero Trust
Jaime Lewis-Gross
Vice President
Solution Engineering, Saviynt
Securing Your Anywhere Workforce
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Workforce Identity FAQs

How can Saviynt help me shift to cloud-first identity governance?

Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud platform integrates with hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystems bringing governance to all identity types. This means seamless migration to SaaS applications or management of new cloud identities. By breaking down siloed security apps and unifying human & machine identity and application governance, we help enterprises eliminate legacy, operational overhead.

Will Saviynt automate application onboarding?

Our platform features an intuitive, wizard-based onboarding interface for easy application integration. An RPA-style Identity Bot (iBot) connects disparate apps and automates user access – no integration protocol required. This ensures smooth-functioning, multi-application data processing, and improved access management.

Does Saviynt help standardize user access – even across my distributed workforce?

With Saviynt, IT leaders can easily establish a single identity for each user (whether internal employee or external third party) while compiling existing accounts and entitlements. We help you intelligently grant precise access and enforce least privilege access controls.

Can I really secure workforce identities without multiplying costs, tools, and complexities?

Saviynt solves user access related security problems and exposes costs from excess subscriptions to improve license management. Cloud PAM brings just-in-time access elevation, reducing rarely-used administrative accounts and subscriptions. Saviynt AAG surfaces underutilized license types to support right-sizing. Mitigate third party access risk with robust role-based access controls.

GFS modernized identity management for over 18,000 users across more than 256 applications in a diverse hybrid computing enviroment with Saviynt. Read Case Study ›

Saviynt’s IGA solution provided Wienerberger a single view into access & SoD, integrated critical apps like SAP, and automated access rights for 17,000 employees. Read Case Study ›

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