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Surprisingly simple multi-cloud security

Cloud security complexity, meet your match.

Saviynt’s cloud-native identity experience helps enterprises conquer multi-cloud security challenges, secure cloud workloads, and accelerate cloud adoption.

Zero Trust Identity for the Multi-Cloud Era

Modern IGA Breaks Down Silos and Unifies Security

Broad and deep visibility across all types of identities and assets

Reduce privileged access sprawl and improve compliance

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Modern IGA Modern IGA


  • Improve risk insights and gain a single view of all identities, assets, workloads, policies, and settings across multi-cloud environments.
  • Improve cloud security posture for dynamic cloud landscapes. Controls map to standard risk frameworks for simpler management and compliance.
  • Unlock third-party and guest user access visibility across SaaS & collaboration apps.


  • Achieve integrated identity lifecycle management for standard and privileged access across cloud platforms.
  • Strengthen governance with multi-channel request and approval capabilities, SoD controls, and micro-certifications for who-can-access-what.
  • Cost-effectively meet platform administrator needs with advanced and configurable reporting capabilities in person-specific dashboards.


  • Reduce privileged access sprawl with just-in-time, time-bound, and just-enough access across multi-cloud architectures.
  • Enhance privileged session monitoring with alerts for critical/risky operations based on defined infosec policies for workloads across varied clouds.
  • Manage any identity, app, or cloud with a unified platform and uniform security controls: third-party access management, privileged access, identity governance, application access governance, and data access governance.

Design access based on least privilege

Uniformly apply privileged access controls

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Balanced, real-time and risk-based

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Better Visibility, Security, and Governance Starts Here.

Meet Shared Responsibility Mandates

Saviynt Exchange offers a built-in control repository that cross-maps security controls across regulations, industry standards and compliance frameworks.

Gain Holistic Identity Visibility

Integrate with federation tools to link cloud accounts with individual identities. Aggregate data across multiple management consoles for more granular visibility and to boost monitoring capabilities.

Automate Policies & Controls

Intelligently manage identity processes, including provisioning via easily configurable policies and controls. Automatically grant low-risk access to users while escalating high-risk requests for review.

Maintain Secure Controls

Monitor access privileges for control violations, such as those granted as part of emergency elevation or through a backdoor. When the platform detects potential violations, it sends alerts and suggests remediation actions.

Define Cross-Application SoD Controls

Get deep visibility into fine-grained entitlements across the entire cloud & application ecosystem to better define cross-application SoD controls.

Apply Precise Access

Identify complex security hierarchies and visually review the exact image of access – then apply least privilege access across your application ecosystem.

Achieve Zero Trust Across Your Cloud Ecosystem

Bolster security controls with built-in integrations and unified, best-in-class identity governance & privileged access capabilities.


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Multi-Cloud Management FAQs

Can Saviynt support multi-dimensional risk visibility as we implement Zero Trust?

Saviynt helps enterprises discover, correlate, and monitor all identity types, and offers a ‘single pane of glass’ for all entitlements, including cloud entitlements. The platform delivers identity and resource context, and enables simple administration of resource access policies. Further, secure and manage privileged credentials, consume user activity to detect threats, and enrich risk profiles with identity analytics.

How does Saviynt help me shift to cloud-first identity governance?

Saviynt’s platform integrates with hybrid ecosystems bringing governance to all identity types. Easily migrate to SaaS applications or management of new cloud identities. Our Risk Exchange provides  visibility across IT environments and monitoring technologies for a multidimensional risk profile of all user access.

Can Saviynt apply risk-based policies across my cloud ecosystem?

Our platform ensures that workloads, file access, and application access comply with internal controls. Saviynt enables you to apply ownership and succession rules to the users controlling these identities, enabling you to extend governance over programmatic functions.

How precise will my access visibility be?

No other platform digs into cloud infrastructure and application security hierarchy complexities like Saviynt. Get an exact view of access and apply least privilege access across your entire infrastructure and application ecosystem.

What monitoring, remediation, and documentation capabilities exist?

Saviynt continuously monitors multi-cloud ecosystems for new identities, data, attributes, and information, providing security alerts or automatically terminating risky processes. A centralized identity hub scales with your cloud use, so you can enforce policies, document activities, and stay compliant.

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