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Secure a Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

Secure access across a complex multi-cloud ecosystem

Cloud Secure: Own Your Responsibility Across the Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

Cloud-First or Cloud Only strategies offer flexibility and speed, but organizations struggle to navigate the differences between securing identity and access on-premises and in the cloud as they attempt to comply with Shared Responsibility agreements.

Saviynt’s cloud-native platform provides continuous monitoring capabilities for human and machine identities, creates an authoritative source of identity across complex security hierarchies, and enables adherence with the Shared Responsibility Model.

View Across the Ecosystem

Saviynt integrates with federation tools to link accounts with individual users creating holistic identity level visibility, aggregating data across multiple management consoles and monitoring capabilities. With a single-pane-of-glass, you can reduce the potential for human error risk arising from cross-referencing multiple tools.

Meet Shared Responsibility Compliance Mandates

Saviynt’s Control Exchange provides an out-of-the-box control repository and Unified Controls Framework that cross-maps access controls across business-critical regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types. By aligning with these mandates, Saviynt enables rapid implementation of the controls necessary for Shared Responsibility compliance.

Apply Risk to Cloud Asset Access

Saviynt applies risk-based policies across the ecosystem, ensuring that workloads, file access, and application access comply with internal controls. Saviynt enables you to apply ownership and succession rules to the users controlling these identities, enabling you to extend governance over programmatic functions.

Continuously Monitor, Remediate, and Document Compliance

Saviynt continuously monitors multi-cloud ecosystems for new identities, data, attributes, and information, providing actionable security alerts or automatically terminating risky processes. Saviynt’s centralized identity hub scales with your cloud strategies, so you can continuously enforce policies, document activities, and stay compliant.

Manage the Data Flood with GRC Integrations

Saviynt’s Risk Exchange integrates with key governance solutions, including SIEM , GRC, eGRC, and UEBA platforms, to enhance risk monitoring with real-time activity visibility and enable near real-time remediation. Our solution reduces time and staffing burdens that make compliance cumbersome.

Continuously Monitor and Document Compliance Activities

Saviynt’s continuous controls monitor for potential compliance violations, then send alerts with actional remediation steps. You can download reports for internal or external auditors that document your access controls’ effectiveness, proving continuous compliance.

How Saviynt's IGA Platform Helps Teams Secure a Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

Identity & Access Lifecycle Management

Saviynt integrates directly with common federation platforms to seamlessly tie into your multi-cloud environment. Accounts are directly linked back to identities and are automatically provisioned and de-provisioned as identities are added, moved, or removed to ensure credentials are not orphaned. When users leave the organization, Saviynt’s platform automatically removes/disables accounts in the federated platform and cloud solutions, ensuring organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Automated Real-Time Provisioning

Saviynt’s access provisioning is intelligently managed by out-of-the-box and custom policies and controls. Self request provisioning empowers users by automatically granting low-risk access while escalating high-risk requests for additional review by data owners, using peer- and access-based analytics. 

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Saviynt’s intelligence-based platform integrates with enterprise SIEMs to provide holistic access visibility. Saviynt’s platform continuously monitors access privileges for control violations, such as those granted as part of emergency elevation or through a backdoor. When the platform detects potential violations, it sends alerts and suggests remediation actions, such as exception documentation, setting time limits, or rejections.

Cross-Application SoD

Saviynt’s depth of visibility with fine-grained entitlements is married with Saviynt’s breadth of visibility across the application ecosystem to allow organizations to define cross-application SoD controls.

Fine-Grained Entitlement Visibility

Only Saviynt can delve into all of the complexities of application security hierarchies to draw a very precise image of exact access. Leveraging this deep visibility, you can grant the most precise access necessary for a person to execute their job, ensuring you’re adhering to the principle of least privilege across the entire application ecosystem.

Risk-Based Data Access Governance

Saviynt’s DAG solution allows the creation of risk-based policies to manage the data access program and automate user requests to data. Assigned data owners perform fine-grained access review to ensure granting entitlements aligns with business needs.  Utilize peer and behavioral analytics detect high-risk activity in near real-time, allowing the enterprise to rapidly investigate and respond.

Support DevOps and CI/CD

Developers utilizing DevOps tools for deployment need to ensure code can run with the necessary permissions, without storing authentication keys or passwords within that code.  Saviynt’s API integration provides the tool for developers to make a programmatic call to the Saviynt vault to request access permissions and check out a key at the time of code execution. This creates a more secure environment, less subject to key exfiltration and compromise.

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