Saviynt Healthcare Identity Cloud for Epic

Streamline and automate user access and provisioning workflows while providing ongoing governance and fine-grained SoD management.

Saviynt Healthcare Identity Cloud for Epic addresses the challenges faced in managing user access to Epic environments. With fine-grained integration and simple-to-use administration tools, Saviynt can fully automate your Epic request, approval, and provisioning workflows, while also providing detective and preventative separation of duty (SoD) risk evaluations, role management, and access analytics to manage compliance and avoid over-privileging. Reduce SLAs from days to minutes while better securing access.

With Saviynt, you can:

  • Customize request, approval, and provisioning workflows
  • Integrate seamlessly without custom development
  • Automate EMP templates, subtemplates, and SER items
  • Provide detective and preventative SoD risk evaluations
  • Automate the entire lifecycle process
  • Deliver frictionless access
  • Consolidate identities and authoritative identity sources
  • Enforce access policies to meet regulatory compliance
  • Reduce standing privileges with just-in-time access elevation

Built on Saviynt’s industry-leading Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) architecture, Saviynt Healthcare Identity Cloud (HIC) addresses healthcare providers’ unique challenges in managing identities. The platform allows organizations to modernize their identity program and remove barriers to patient care delivery by providing frictionless user access, simplified administration, and access controls within a single converged framework that centralizes human and machine identity governance, privileged access management, third-party access, and other critical identity functions.

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