Identity Governance & Third-Party Access

The converged, cloud-first solution for internal & external workforces across any environment.

Managing workforce identity and access is more complex in today’s evolving cloud landscape. As applications and data are shared across internal and external teams, security leaders have to account for an ever-expanding attack surface. And when 59% of reported breaches originate from third-party access, it’s easy to see why the 60% of companies without a plan in place are at a disadvantage.*

Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) offers a unified, streamlined platform for internal & third-party identity management across your entire IT ecosystem.

With intelligent security controls and automated reporting, EIC ensures continuous compliance and reduces certification times by up to 70%. **Comprehensive analytics make it easy to maintain visibility, giving organizations a more reliable understanding of real-time risk. That means stronger decisions, in less time, with lower lift.

In the era of near-endless tools and services, convergence is becoming the new security essential. By implementing Saviynt EIC, organizations are better positioned to achieve their business & security goals and accelerate the journey towards Zero Trust.

* Ponemon Institute: Data Risk in the Ecosystem

** Forrester Total Economic Impact study, Enterprise Identity Cloud

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