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Saviynt Identity-Driven Cloud PAM Fills an Industry Gap


Why customers are choosing Saviynt for Cloud PAM

Visionary PAM from an IGA Leader

We work with customers every day to reduce cloud risks and improve security posture. That’s why our Cloud PAM solution helps you make just-in-time privilege a reality in your organization.

Saviynt Offers a Complete Solution

Traditional PAM

When it comes to on premises systems and servers, traditional PAM solutions do everything you’d expect around vaulting, admin credential rotation and secrets management. But these solutions are not equipped to handle the velocity of dynamic cloud workloads. 

To solve for this, many organizations have incorporated Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) tools into their already crowded security toolbox.

CIEM Tools

CIEM tools manage what an identity can access in cloud environments, but they don’t solve the governance problem and only offer limited privileged access management within applications.
Plus adding tools means adding complexity and operational burdens.

Saviynt Cloud PAM

Saviynt Cloud PAM, powered by our converged Enterprise Identity Cloud platform is a more complete solution. Address the vast majority of today’s modern PAM use cases – including PAM for any app – and decrease your reliance on multiple point tools.

At Saviynt, we recognized that aspects of the traditional approach to PAM were holding organizations back. Traditional PAM:

  • Relies on data center infrastructure
  • Centers on credential vaulting
  • Lacks credibility
  • Require too much care and feeding
  • Leaves organizations with too many blindspots

To address these limitations, we built our Cloud PAM solution on top of our converged identity platform, Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) platform. EIC converges IGA, granular application access, cloud security, and privileged access into the industry’s only enterprise-grade SaaS solution.

With CPAM, you can manage all identities and entitlements more efficiently, improve enterprise-wide visibility, and leverage identity intelligence and analytics to make better access decisions. By leveraging IGA roles, admins can request just-in-time privileged access to a server, cloud, or application to perform tasks with the least possible privilege – in just a few clicks.

Compare for yourself.

Credential Rotation Traditional PAM CIEM Tools Saviynt Cloud PAM
Vaulting, Credential Rotation & Secrets Management
Some do secrets governance
Zero Standing Privilege Traditional PAM CIEM Tools Saviynt Cloud PAM
Just-in-Time access
Servers only
Just enough access
Servers only. Requires IAM solution or agents.
Role-based elevation for cloud platforms, CLIs, databases, and applications
Cloud Security Traditional PAM CIEM Tools Saviynt Cloud PAM
Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management
Requires add-on products
Cloud Security Posture Management
Some offer CSPM
Identity-based security risks
CLI Access
Doesn’t scale
PAM for Any App Traditional PAM CIEM Tools Saviynt Cloud PAM
Intuitive platform, application & infrastructure onboarding
Role elevation in SaaS and enterprise apps
Least privilege enforcement in apps
Actionable Analytics & Reporting Traditional PAM CIEM Tools Saviynt Cloud PAM
Customize actionable dashboards to your business requirements
Limited to PaaS & SaaS
View and analyze privileged user activity across infrastructure, clouds, and apps
Credential rotation only
Limited to PaaS & SaaS
Respond to active risks
– including cloud risks
– in minutes
Respond with precision (terminate access, revoke credentials, restart or disconnect servers
Privileged Access Governance Traditional PAM CIEM Tools Saviynt Cloud PAM
Govern all elevated access - not just IT admin accounts
Privileged account lifecycle management
ROI – Time-to-Value Traditional PAM CIEM Tools Saviynt Cloud PAM
Deploy in weeks
Smooth user experience with intuitive cloud interface
Worry-free upgrades

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