Accelerate Your Zero Trust Journey

Adopt Zero Trust, secure your modern workforce, and achieve compliance across your Microsoft infrastructure with Saviynt.

Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud centralizes controls and risk management for every human and machine identity within your Microsoft infrastructure and app ecosystem.

Get advanced analytics to contextualize risks and automate remediation so that you can meet security & compliance goals.

As a Microsoft Strategic ISV Partner, Saviynt integrates seamlessly to secure your critical applications and workforce.

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Wiley Secures Every Identity with Microsoft + Saviynt

“Saviynt, along with Azure Active Directory, provided a comprehensive identity solution and helped migrate 80 business applications in less than 6 months.”

– Vasu Jakkal
CVP Microsoft Security, Identity, & Compliance

Saviynt Intermountain

Saviynt & Microsoft: Better Together

Secure Structured and Unstructured Data From Accidental Leaks or Malicious Threats
Deep Technical Integrations

Accelerate security projects and minimize risk across your Microsoft stack.

Complementary Capabilities

Maximize and extend your cloud and security investments with end-to-end identity and access management functionality.

Security and Compliance at Scale

Protect any identity – human or machine – and meet compliance regulations with strong governance.

Conquer Your Top Identity Challenges

Get Proactive About Security with Zero Trust

Traditional perimeter-based security can’t keep up with the complexity of hybrid work and modern cloud environments. Your organization needs a new security model that can adapt to the complexity of modern IT environments, embrace the mobile workforce, and protect people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located.

Accelerate your Zero Trust journey with Saviynt and Microsoft integrated solutions.

Saviynt Cloud Privileged Access Management (Cloud PAM) solution provides just-in-time, credential-less privileged access to Azure console & workloads, Azure AD, Tenant administration of Microsoft 365 applications, Azure services and other non-Microsoft applications.

Saviynt Cloud PAM helps organizations adopt Zero-Trust principles for any identity and app. The solution automates enforcement of least privilege policies and ensures zero standing privilege through discovery, privilege elevation, privilege entitlement clipping and outlier analysis. And it provides key session management and recording capabilities with the ability to control and terminate risky or unauthorized sessions.

Saviynt Cloud PAM also enables Zero Trust and accelerates an enterprise’s digital transformation journey through integrated Microsoft Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM) features. Saviynt Cloud PAM extends the native capabilities provided by Azure AD PIM for just-in-time (JIT) and time-bound access with fine-grained access provisioning for Azure AD-connected applications. It enables secure privileged session management for monitoring, auditing, and reporting to reduce risk exposure and privileged credential theft. In addition, we automatically identify and remediate risks across Azure through our CSPM functionality.

Saviynt Cloud PAM

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Microsoft Azure AD

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Microsoft Azure

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Secure Employees and Third Parties – No Matter Where They Work

The workplace environment has changed with a distributed workforce that continuously collaborates with each other and shares sensitive data not only within enterprise but beyond. You need visibility across all of your Microsoft 365 apps to remain secure.

Help your employees, contingent workforce, and partners work securely, anywhere.

Access request pending approval directly in the Microsoft Teams application

Saviynt’s cloud-native Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform extends and complements Azure AD’s governance, adding intelligent access requests, risk-based access certifications, and group management with actionable continuous compliance controls and near real-time remediation.

Saviynt natively connects to your Azure and M365 instance, providing comprehensive IGA & GRC support for key Microsoft offerings. These include Azure as IaaS/PaaS, Azure AD (IDaaS), Microsoft Dynamics 365.

You also need to manage onboarding and offboarding including overarching identity governance for B2B and business-to-consumer (B2C) Guest users. Saviynt provides key Joiner, Mover, Leaver management across both B2B and B2C Guest users. Saviynt Third-Party Access Governance improves onboarding efficiency and lifecycle management to deliver seamless access for contractors, seasonal workers, supply chain vendors, and other third parties with zero standing privileges.

Saviynt secures and governs Microsoft Teams through identity, data and configuration risk visibility, lifecycle management, approval workflows, and succession management. Access requests can also be sent via Microsoft Teams to streamline the approval process and surface requests in the collaboration platforms they use every day.

Microsoft 365

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Microsoft Teams

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Azure AD B2C

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You're in Good Company

BP accelerates its cloud transformation and modernized identity governance to meet agility, scalability and compliance challenges with Saviynt + Microsoft.

Saviynt Intermountain

Intermountain consolidated authoritative identity sources, used fine-grained access to evaluate SoD risk, and provided proper access levels to over 40,000 employees with Saviynt + Microsoft.

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GFS transformed legacy on-premises identity management systems to meet security & compliance objectives.

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