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Manage Identity and Access with Ease with CredenceIA

Reduce risk, expedite IGA Modernization, and extract value with CredenceIA and Saviynt.


Better Together


Deep Experience and client-tested approach developed by an Award-winning team.


Rich set of accelerators that allow faster and better integrations for both cloud and legacy applications alike and expedite engagement execution.


Reduce costs, improve compliance, and minimize efforts across all of your critical applications and identities.

Secure Your Most Valuable Assets And Address Your Top Identity Challenges

Solutions That Are Designed To Get Results Quicker, Better and More Consistently

CredenceIA’s IGA Legacy Migration Center offers organizations of every size and complexity the ability to plan, build, operate, and manage successful IGA initiatives that are tailored to their objectives. CredenceIA’s solution & approach reduce risk, optimize operations, improve governance, and align with business goals. CredenceIA’s robust experience and unique capabilities from implementation excellence, connector framework, migration from legacy solutions, and Greenfield planning allow organizations to have a one-stop partner who can advise, implement and manage programs that help accelerate the IGA journey.

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CredenceIA Legacy IGA Migration

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CredenceIA Connector Framework

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Enhanced EHR Integration

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