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Privileged Access Management (PAM) Maturity Assessment

Find out the maturity level of your identity security

Take this one-minute assessment and get some insights on strengths and potential gaps in your cloud PAM program.


Privileged access is a primary attack vector and the attack surface is expansive and dynamic, thanks to an explosion of cloud use and an increasing reliance on SaaS Resources. Workloads scale up and down with great speed and frequency.

Traditional access controls were built for static, on premises infrastructure, and are designed to scan for privilege at fixed intervals, leaving gaps that can be exploited. This is why the future of privileged access management needs to be cloud-native.

Is your PAM program ready to take on these challenges? Take this one-minute assessment and get some insights on strengths and potential gaps in your cloud PAM program.

What are you doing for privileged access management (PAM)?
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Solution Maturity

This deals with the class of tools you are using to support your PAM program. If you are somewhere in the middle, this suggests that your PAM maturity is being hampered by insufficient tooling and automation to support ongoing governance and risk reduction. The closer you are to the outer edge of the hexagon, the better you are enabled to adopt mature controls, such as just-in-time and just-enough access. One thing you may want to ask yourself is how easily can your team implement advanced features to all cloud platforms, applications and infrastructure.      
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How and from where your solution is delivered is important. If you have plotted somewhere inside the hexagon, you may be working with solutions with lengthy implementation and upgrade cycles. A SaaS-delivered PAM solution will most effectively scale with you as you progress through your cloud adoption journey. The right cloud PAM solution will enable you to upgrade worry-free and accommodate changes to your environment. 
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Program Maturity
Generally speaking, the more response options you selected, the greater the maturity of your PAM program. More importantly, is your PAM program addressing the right areas and can you measure it? Is your toolset enabling you to mature your PAM program or is it holding you back? On the other hand, could you streamline processes if you had more agile tools?
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As opposed to vault-driven. While vaulting is essential for break-glass purposes, a modern PAM program requires visibility. Integrating IGA with PAM allows organizations to effectively administer both standard and privileged access, providing visibility into activity within clouds, infrastructure and applications. To achieve full identity-driven PAM maturity, consider a platform approach, where you can gain efficiencies, lower cost, and maintain continuous compliance of all identities. 
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Cloud Entitlement Maturity
Traditional PAM solutions scan environments at fixed intervals, but cloud resources are constantly scaling up and down. If you have landed in the center of the chart, your PAM program may be lagging behind, making it difficult to certify least privilege access of cloud resources. To make up for this deficiency, many organizations seek out cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) solutions. Extra points if you have tightly integrated IGA, PAM and CIEM capabilities.  
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Security Effectiveness
Privileged access is a primary attack vector. Traditional PAM solutions were designed to onboard privileged accounts and store credentials, rotating passwords to condense the window of time during which a stolen password may be valid. Getting to a state of zero standing privilege – where just-enough access is provisioned on a just-in-time basis – will diminish the privileged attack surface and improve your organization’s overall security posture. If you have self-rated as “ineffective” or “limited effectiveness” in this dimension, it may be because your PAM controls are reactive, provide limited visibility, and require a lot of manual intervention.
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