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Saviynt for Microsoft Teams

Innovative governance and compliance for your collaboration solution.


Innovative Governance and Compliance
for Your Collaboration Solution

Microsoft Teams is the new standard for communication and collaboration, enabling dynamic creation of collaborative groups. This powerful tool needs a powerful, intelligent governance solution to help ensure that the ad hoc teaming capabilities aren’t letting business users expose the organization to risk.

Saviynt wraps automation, access request, risk visibility and certification around the collaboration environment so the speed of the business is unimpeded while security is enhanced.

Enabling the Business With Intelligent Identity and Smarter Security

Managing access, configuration, and ownership of your organization’s Microsoft Teams ecosystem can be challenging. The dynamic user membership can lead to risky team membership or exposure to inappropriate external resources. Sensitive data shared on Teams Channels or in Teams Site Collections can easily escape scrutiny.

To combat these risks, organizations must insert control around Teams permissions such as who can create teams, how teams are configured, what rights different roles within teams have, who can upload documents, and what data should be shared.

Saviynt secures and governs Microsoft Teams with process such as identity, data and configuration risk visibility, lifecycle management, approval workflows, and succession management. Our rich analytics help us develop an intelligent view of identity to give you smarter security.


Solving Your Governance for Teams Challenges

Saviynt for Microsoft Teams offers industry-leading governance across Teams, Channels, members, external users, and data in a unified, seamless solution, including:

  • A single pane of glass to understand the risk posture of your Teams ecosystem, with real-time dashboards providing insight into misconfigured roles and channels, excess permissions, or anomalous external access
  • Automated membership provisioning based on user identity data such as job or role, as well as access request for membership
  • Data access visibility and governance within your Teams Channels and Teams Site Collections, ensuring you know who has access to what at all times, as well as visibility into high-value and high-risk data being shared through Teams
  • Deep visibility to set up SoD or other controls for Teams with sensitive information

Enabling the Business With Intelligent Identity and Smarter Security


Complete visibility into Team Risk


Saviynt’s converged identity, application access, infrastructure and privileged access solution is designed to give organizations a realtime view into risk across the ecosystem. For Microsoft Teams, this means alerting administrators to Teams configured to allow Guest users to create Channels, Teams with only Guest users, Teams with disabled owners, or other potential security risk. Saviynt surfaces these risk for administrators to make informed decisions of how to address the concern.


Team member Lifecyclcle Management


Saviynt’s real-time automation capabilities provisions team members directly into teams based upon the identity or remove them when they no longer need access, while also providing an intelligent access request capability for users to request access. Access certification reviews let Team owners periodically inspect of the validity of Team members, and should a Team owner depart, Saviynt provides automated succession management to assign a new owner so no Team is ever unmanaged.


Data Discovery, Analysis and Governance


The flexibility of data sharing among Teams means that collaborators upload large numbers of documents, either to Channels or to Site Collections. Permissions to data in Site Collections is assigned many ways. Saviynt enables organizations to scan Teams data stores, locate PII, PCI, intellectual property or other high value data, and see who has access to it. Organizations can restrict what users can do- such as not allowing a Guest to edit files- and also restrict access to sensitive data or remove that data from exposure.


Continuous Compliance for Teams


Saviynt provides out-of-the-box controls for common platforms to meet compliance mandates such as SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, and more, as well as allowing Organizations to design their own controls based on corporate security policy. Microsoft Teams becomes compliance-enabled with the Saviynt solution, ensuring Segregation of Duties (SoD) and other controls are monitored and enforced.

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