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MajorKey, the business enablement professionals - powered by Saviynt.

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As a leading enterprise risk management consultancy, MajorKey’s goal is not only to see customers through an initial project, but to build a relationship where they feel like MajorKey is an invaluable part of their team.

Here’s how the Saviynt partnership helps make that work.

How Saviynt and MajorKey work together to provide business consultation

MajorKey, an identity-focused firm, provides businesses with experienced consultants that are well versed in this ever-changing, complicated landscape.

MajorKey partners with Saviynt to offer businesses enablement processes, implementation of Identity Platforms, Human Capital Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning, as well as Governance, Risk, and Compliance assessments and reviews.



Application, HCM, and ERP Integration, Powered for MajorKey Clients By Saviynt

MajorKey provides clients with Application, Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration services that are powered by Saviynt. Saviynt is able to provide a platform that incorporates the centralized Identity and Privileged Access Management that our clients demand. By leveraging the User Access Request engine, the entitlements and review components, clients are provided with a complete platform for entering in requests, properly processing requests, and reviewing those requests for audit/assessment purposes.

In addition, HCM and ERP systems are easily integrated into the platform through included connectors – for those custom applications, Legion Star leverages our experienced business consultant expertise to develop a connector that incorporates the specific needs of the organization. Together, our combination of business consulting, along with the platform powered by Saviynt, provides clients with a powerful system for their Identity needs.

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