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Identity programs shouldn’t be complex. Saviynt is committed to delivering shorter Time to Value (TTV) to customers and maximizing their investment. We have designed expert services offerings to do exactly this.


Understand Saviynt product capabilities and get a customized success plan that is tailored to your business needs


Proactive technical guidance when you need it the most


Expert advise on Saviynt best practices and implementation methodology to attain TTV


Access to thought leadership and learnings from complex identity problems across industry verticals


Regular health checks and tailored release notes customized to your implementation roadmap

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Success Package

With our success package, you’ll get direct access to a Saviynt Platform Expert who will guide you through each step of your journey to a successful identity governance program.

  • Get a clear understanding of Saviynt product capabilities tailored to your business requirements
  • Advise or review Identity governance roadmaps for your organization with a focus on TTV (time to value)
  • Review key artifacts during your implementation cycle and advise best practices
  • Receive tailored release notes customized to your implementation roadmap
  • Perform yearly health checks of your implementation and provide recommendations to achieve higher operational efficiency

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You’ll have a Saviynt Expert on your team who has one single objective— to help you to attain value fast. Learn more about what’s included in our Success Package.

Saviynt instances is handed over to customer.

Ideal within first week of purchase.

Description: Engagement Kick off to introduce Saviynt Customer Success team, review capabilities purchased and review engagement mode

Ideal within first week of purchase.


  • Review customer’s adoption roadmap and advise on the best practices OR
  • Review requirement document for an implementation phase and provide feedback if requirements are in alignment with industry standards and Saviynt product capabilities


  • Value Adoption Plan
  • Requirement Review Document

Ideal within 4 weeks of purchase.

Description: Review Key milestones, bring extensive knowledge of solving complex problems

  • Review Design Document to align with the Saviynt best practices
  • Review implementation and provide guidance to avoid common problems
  • Review Deployment Plan for better success rate and avoid surprises


  • Design Review document with risk rating and impact of findings
  • Configuration assessment report
  • Deployment Review document

Ideal within 4-6 months of purchase.

Description: Review the overall health of the Saviynt platform, identify common problems and provide remediation path


  • System Health Review Document

Ideal within first week of purchase.

Time to Value Package

Based on our experience of numerous implementations, we’ve identified a collection of use cases that will help you to attain quicker TTV and ROI. Whatever your business priority is—compliance, Identity Lifecycle Automation, Privilege Access or Governing External Identities–we have a solution for you. Our commitment to you is to attain value in less than 12 weeks. Choose the best service engagement for you.

IGA Quick Start

Save cost by automating the identity lifecycle events and provisioning to key enterprise Apps and platform.

  • Connect with 5 Apps
  • Zero day access
  • Automated provisioning
  • Access reviews
  • Risk based access approvals
  • IGC access control
Compliance & Audit

Enable key compliance controls to manage and govern user access across your enterprise.

  • Import access of 5 Apps
  • Import access glossary
  • Access review controls
  • ITGC access controls
App access GOV

Prevent toxic combinations and reduce internal fraud by enabling integrated SOD risk approval and review

  • Connect with 1 premium App
  • Preventative & detective SOD violation controls
  • Automated access controls
  • Automated access provisioning
  • Access reviews
CPAM for Cloud Assets

Secure cloud workloads and get visibility into high risk assets.

  • Connect with 1 account (AWS, GCP or Azure)
  • Continous workload discovery
  • Just in time access (compute)
  • Session recording
  • Visibility inito cloud assets
CPAM for On-Prem Assets

Secure on-prem workload with industry leading identity product.

  • Bootstrap 500 on-prem workloads (Window, Linux, DBs)
  • Privileged credential mgmt
  • Just in time access
  • Windows session management
  • Session recording
  • Risk based access approvals
3rd Party Access GOV Quick Start

Govern third party identities and organizations through centralized access policies.

  • Invitation or form based identity onboarding*
  • Identity approval workflows
  • OOTB company delegated administration use cases*
  • Automated lifecycle events
  • Centralized access controls & policies

Saviynt Global Partner Network

Safeguard your organization with the top system integrators, consultants, and technology partners.

Execution Model to Deliver TTV

The best approach to solve a complex problem is by breaking it down into smaller logical steps and then bringing the pieces of the puzzle together. With the multiple decades of experience in the Identity domain and solving a vast range of problems across industries we advise customers to adopt an agile model that delivers continuous incremental business value. This model encapsulates the feature growth and operationalization of the Saviynt EIC platform with each step.

Saviynt Experts

have curated industry specific use cases and defined a delivery model that accounts for the complexity of businesses of various sizes.  

Execution Model To Deliver TTV
  • Pre-selected Use Cases to limit scope creep and avoid requirements discovery delays
  • Pre-req Checklists will be shared with the customer so that customers can line up resources and make any requests in advance.
  • Show and Tell Sessions where Saviynt will walk-through the steps and configurations to implement specific use cases.
  • Shared Ownership Model where Customer Team will try implementing the solution with guidance and review by Saviynt team through Office Hours / Review sessions. If customer team is unable to finish an integration / use case in a predetermined time, Saviynt team will pick up and finish the implementation
  • Agility in decision making and on-time prerequisite fulfillment.

EIC Delivery Methodology Application

Application methodology follows a DevOps approach that integrates development and operations to streamline EIC delivery.

Our customers lead the industry in Identity Security Best Practices.

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