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Aquera SCIM Gateway



The Aquera Account Provisioning Gateway translates identity management platform SCIM requests into REST-based API calls, SOAP/webservice-based APIs calls, SQL commands, LDAP operations, robotic automations, SDK library calls and queue messages across your entire IT infrastructure covering all the places where your users have accounts. The gateway creates, updates, deletes or deactivates accounts from any application, database, directory, or device. Additionally, the gateway synchronizes passwords into your applications that use secure web authentication (SWA) or into your thick clients applications. The Account Provisioning Gateway works with the specific connectors needed for your application portfolio.

Supported Features

For detailed feature list, please refer to product documentation

Feature Capabilities
Supported Entitlements Groups
Data Import  Full Account Import
Incremental Account Import
Full Access Import
Incremental Access Import
Account Provisioning Create Account
Remove Account
Access Provisioning Add Access
Remove Access



Standard support provided for our core frameworks or connectors(REST, SOAP, JDBC, LDAP, PowerShell, Jar, Connector Frameworks or APIs) will be applicable to community innovations. This includes basic troubleshooting and guidance on usage. Users are encouraged to seek support primarily through community channels. This includes forums, user groups, and other community-driven platforms where members can share knowledge and solutions.

For additional support please contact the provider.

Provider Information 

Each year, Aquera automates millions of joiner, mover, leaver transactions for millions of workers across the world with the Aquera Identity and HR Integration Platform as a Service. Worker onboarding to IT from HR applications is automated in real-time into critical business applications and corporate directories like Active Directory, Entra ID, and Okta. Aquera has pre-built integrations to over 50 HR applications and over 800 business applications. As employees join, move positions within, or leave an organization, supporting changes made within the HRIS are automatically propagated across the IT and application infrastructure, adding and maintaining application access for only those users who should have access and removing access and retiring licenses for those who should not. The benefits include day one productivity for new hires, closure of security holes with exiting workers, and lower overall operational costs.

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Please contact the provider for pricing details.

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Community Innovation

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App Category Security
Product Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)
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