Microsoft Ignite

Seattle, WA: November 14–17, 2023 PT

Online dates: November 15–16, 2023 PT

Join Saviynt and your peers at Microsoft Ignite 2023 to see how your organization can adopt Zero Trust, secure your modern workforce, and achieve compliance across your Microsoft infrastructure. Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud centralizes controls and risk management for every human and machine identity within your Microsoft infrastructure and app ecosystem.

Our Identity experts will be virtual November 15th-16th to answer your most pressing security questions and discuss how the #1 Converged Identity Platform + Microsoft brings security and business efficiency to your digital transformation initiatives. 

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Not traveling? No problem – register for the free virtual Ignite event here. Head to the Saviynt page during the live event to learn how to accelerate your Zero Trust Journey. 

Saviynt Session: 

Mastering Identity Security: Diving into Cloud-Driven Transformation

In today’s rapidly evolving cloud-centric landscape, staying ahead of the curve is imperative for success. Join us for a thought-provoking session where we delve into the world of cloud-based identity governance practices. Discover how forward-thinking organizations are crafting robust strategies to secure and optimize their cloud environments, enabling them to excel in an ever-changing digital world.

In this engaging dialogue with our esteemed customers, you’ll gain valuable insights into the practical implementation of cutting-edge identity governance practices tailored specifically for the cloud. Learn how these organizations are bolstering their cloud security, streamlining access management, and fostering a culture of compliance, all while leveraging the cloud’s scalability and innovation potential.

Join us for a journey through real-world cloud success stories, best practices, and future-ready strategies that will inspire you to elevate your own cloud-based identity governance. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover how to not only keep pace but surge ahead in the cloud-driven transformation.

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