Future of Identity

15 November

Massimo Restaurant & Bar

Improving organizational security, customer experiences, and insights for reduced risk.

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is the basic component of any zero-trust architecture. And yet many organizations are way behind and still face strategic challenges.

The pandemic accelerated Hybrid IT environments with multiple, varied cloud platforms making it difficult to manage employee identities across workspaces, and then there are machine identities to think about. This becomes even more complicated when employees require varying degrees of access privileges depending on whether they’re freelance contractors, full-time remote workers, or high-ranking executives. Simultaneously, the customer base requires its own form of IAM to protect against consumer fraud and account takeovers.

Join the session to hear from senior security professionals from the Australian industry like the Australian Retirement Trust, KPMG, and Saviynt on

  • Enabling Zero Trust With Risk-Based Governance
  • Eliminating Identity Risk From Your Business Relationships
  • Eradicating standing privilege and establishing governance from day one
  • Stopping cross-application access risks in their tracks


Date: November 15

Venue: Massimo Restaurant & Bar – 123 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Time: 12:35 pm AEST

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