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Cooking in the Cloud Identity Kitchen:

A Recipe for Modernization

Start Cooking with Cloud Identity

Over the last 5 years, the strategic alliance between Deloitte and Saviynt continues to sizzle, while focusing on delivering end to end IGA, Access Risk and Cloud Identity solutions to our largest and most diversified clients globally.

Time to discard your spoiled IGA, AAG, and PAM fixings and start cooking with fresh identity ingredients. Join us for an exciting cooking class and learn how to reduce risk, spice up your security, and sear the perfect steak that Gordon Ramsay (and your CEO) would approve of.

During the interactive cooking class, a Michelin star chef along with Deloitte and Saviynt sous chefs teach us how to make a delicious meal and how to:

  • Mix IGA, PAM, and AAG into a seamless Identity Cloud experience
  • Enhance your Zero Trust environment with the right combination of identity best practices
  • Fry SOD violations & toxic permissions with a large helping of advanced analytics
  • Build competencies in the kitchen, as well as areas of Identity Governance & Administration, Application Access Risk and Cloud Identity

Just like our cloud-built solutions, we’ll supply you with all the ingredients for success – including a rare truffle salt.

Cook along with Truffle Shuffle as a Michelin-trained chef demonstrates the technique behind a perfectly pan-seared NY Strip Steak with hand cut fries and Sauce Diane. Learn how to make the crispiest, most delicious oven baked fries seasoned with world famous Balinese Truffle Salt. Master a gorgeous cut of steak like a professional chef, flipping and basting with garlic, thyme, and butter to achieve a beautiful browned crust with the juiciest, most tender interior. This live, interactive cooking experience will impart top-level culinary techniques, knife skills, and a great back-pocket recipe.

Saviynt is a solution now available on Deloitte’s Digital Identity+ platform. This includes all the necessary ingredients for Identity Governance & Administration and Access Risk Analytics. Deloitte has demonstrated expertise by collaborating with Saviynt in delivering successful customer engagements over the past five years, particularly in the technology, healthcare, public sector and consumer products industries. Over the past five years, Deloitte and Saviynt have spent a lot of time in the kitchen together, collaborating on 30+ unique clients. We look forward to sharing more of what we’ve cooked up with you!

Register now for one of our two events to secure your place in the Identity Cloud Kitchen. Meal kits are limited so save your spot today. Registration ends on Friday, November 26th.

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