The Industry’s Only
Intelligent Identity Warehouse

The Saviynt Identity Warehouse is the behind-the-scenes workhorse for the Enterprise Identity Cloud.

It’s a highly scalable cloud repository & analytics engine at the core of Enterprise Identity Cloud. It stores granular access and usage data for every identity to help quickly identify risk and remediate problems.

An Innovative Data Model to Fuel
the Identity Revolution

Reduce identity and access data silos for quick and accurate, risk-based decision making

Unlock advanced analytics with consolidated identity, access, and usage data

Integrate and share contextual risk intelligence with other identity and cybersecurity tools such as SIEM, XDR, SASE, and more

Utilize automation to reduce manual workloads, increase efficiency, and lower operational costs

Flexibility That Makes Data Actionable

Saviynt’s scalable identity warehouse ingests and standardizes granular data from multiple sources to enable easy access and decision making across your organization.

  • Centralize data from any source, even if it uses a different or complex security model
  • Easily analyze usage data, session activity, and risk signals from other security tools to get unmatched risk visibility
  • Understand the sensitivity of your data so you can make intelligent access decisions

Embedded Analytics Drive Smarter Decisions

Make smarter risk-based decisions within the Enterprise Identity Cloud platform using real-time information.

  • Dashboards provide real-time data, not stale reports
  • Understand risk context and extract relevant insights
  • Store identity relationships to connect and visualize crucial intelligence

Scale Without Hesitation

Get the information you need fast, regardless of how much data you have, with an elastic, multi-tenant architecture for any use case.

  • Scale automatically with limitless data collection
  • Index data to quickly access relevant information
  • Leverage machine learning to fine-tune results and act instantly

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