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Saviynt Delivers One-Click Security for Amazon AWS

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Los Angeles, CA – (Marketwired – April 19, 2016) – Saviynt Inc., a leading provider of Cloud Access Governance and Security Management solutions, announced the availability of its flagship AWS security product on AWS Marketplace. Saviynt for AWS enables enterprises to identify and mitigate risks across their AWS accounts, secure DevOps and manage privileged accounts with access to AWS Console, creating a state of the art solution for AWS security. Saviynt is offering a full feature risk-free 30-day trial from the AWS marketplace.

“The launch of Saviynt on AWS Marketplace accelerates the speed at which organizations can deploy Saviynt to gain visibility into risks in AWS configuration and protect critical workloads. This is in response to the massive uptake in the use of cloud based infrastructure, and the need for continuous monitoring and preventive controls to thwart cyber-attacks,” says Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Saviynt. He added, “Managing security and access for cloud infrastructure is incredibly complex and it’s not only important to get compliant, but also to stay compliant.”

In addition to its SaaS offering, this launch enables Saviynt for AWS to be swiftly and securely deployed on customer’s own VPC through AWS CloudFormation templates. Visit AWS clusters to learn more about Saviynt’s deployment with CloudFormation templates.

Vibhuti Sinha, VP of Cloud Products, states, “Saviynt is one of the few that integrates with AWS Config to secure DevOps and offer near real-time preventive controls. This allows organizations to enforce infrastructure security policies such as stop launch of vulnerable EC2 instances or notify when unauthorized changes are made to privileged AWS IAM Policy or Roles.” Learn more at AWS Config.

Saviynt features an extensive controls library that identifies security risks with AWS IAM objects and resources such as EC2, S3, ELB, RDS, VPC, Redshift, CloudFormation Templates, etc. Saviynt also streamlines identity governance and administration processes for AWS with business-ready access request, approval workflows, risk-based certification and support for federated access.

Saviynt’s privileged access management for AWS promotes secure check out of elevated access with integrated multi-level approval workflows and session recording. It also includes advanced usage analytics to identify risky privileged activity and launch activity review.

Organizations that need to adhere with compliance mandates such as ITAR, SOX, PCI or need to secure critical assets and intellectual property on AWS are invited to evaluate Saviynt on AWS Marketplace.

Saviynt is a sponsor at AWS Summit in Chicago on 19th April and will demonstrate these capabilities at booth #627.

About Saviynt 

Saviynt is an innovative leader in providing infrastructure, application and data access governance and intelligence platform for Cloud and Enterprise. Saviynt delivers IGA 2.0 by integrating advanced usage & risk analytics with fine-grained privilege management. Saviynt secures critical assets such as AWS, Azure, SAP, Office 365, Google Apps,, Workday, SAP and Oracle EBS. Visit

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