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Saviynt and Axiomatics Unite to Offer Integrated Identity Governance and Externalized Dynamic Authorization Solutions

New integration combines technologies to deliver advanced solutions to enhance security as businesses continue to move to the cloud

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LOS ANGELES – June 25, 2018 – Saviynt, a leading provider of identity governance and cloud security solutions, today announced a partnership that integrates the Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization suite with Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) 2.0 platform. The integration provides mutual customers with increased value by improving connectivity between administration-time and run-time access control solutions.

Saviynt helps enterprise organizations secure applications, data and infrastructure in a single platform for both cloud and enterprise assets. Through this strategic partnership, Saviynt and Axiomatics connect their technologies to strengthen Saviynt’s IGA solution by unlocking in-depth access information from the Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization engine. Saviynt customers will benefit from a single, centralized view of the access control landscape across the enterprise, that will now include more detailed information about APIs, microservices and data resources protected by Axiomatics.

The Axiomatics Dynamic Authorization Suite enables an externalized, policy-based approach to access control. Using Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), this next generation framework leverages attributes to build policies that help define precise scenarios under which access should be granted. When combined with Saviynt’s IGA solution, the Axiomatics ABAC engine can consume curated and governed attribute metadata from the IGA warehouse and can connect with this attribute source to solve the most complex access control use cases. In addition, Saviynt’s IGA solution can help with ABAC policy and workflow governance.

“Saviynt is pioneering IGA 2.0 by integrating technologies like advanced risk analytics and intelligence with fine-grained privilege management. They are leading technology innovation in IGA, and we are excited to embark on a mutually beneficial relationship with them,” said Niklas Jakobsson, CEO of Axiomatics. “This partnership and the technology integration is unique as it is a powerful, synergistic combination of how IGA and ABAC systems work best when deployed in tandem.”

Identity governance and administration technologies that sync with attribute-based access control capabilities provide an additional level of visibility and transparency for externalized authorization deployment. A single dashboard for IGA and ABAC provides high-level indicators of what’s happening in both systems. In addition, by governing the access of APIs and microservices, ABAC can give additional insight into the security of modern applications.

“Axiomatics has a deep understanding of the externalized authorization landscape. By combining their access control expertise with our identity governance background, we can take IGA technologies to the next level,” said Amit Saha, CEO of Saviynt. “We are now in a unique position to provide businesses with more in-depth access information while simplifying our identity governance offerings.”

Saviynt and Axiomatics are both in attendance at Identiverse 2018, which runs June 24-27 in Boston. Attendees can visit Saviynt at booth 201 or Axiomatics at booth 415 to discuss how businesses can improve the visibility of access control and governance of data, increase time to value and deliver faster deployment cycles.

About Saviynt
Saviynt is a leading provider of Cloud Security and Identity Governance solutions. Saviynt enables enterprises to secure applications, data and infrastructure in a single platform for Cloud (Office 365, AWS, Salesforce, Workday) and Enterprise (SAP, Oracle EBS). Saviynt is pioneering IGA 2.0 by integrating advanced risk analytics and intelligence with fine-grained privilege management. To learn more or @saviynt.

About Axiomatics
Axiomatics is the leading provider of fine-grained access control. Axiomatics’ solutions are utilized by government agencies and Global Fortune 1000 companies around the world to enable digital transformation: share and safeguard sensitive information, meet compliance requirements, and minimize data fraud. Axiomatics provides Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) for applications, databases, Big Data, APIs and microservices. To learn more, please visit: or @axiomatics.

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